Introductions Thread (Come say hi.)

(alyssacairns) #84

Thank you!
I am homeschooling/unschooling in Australia.
It is great to find this forum as I do not know any other Christian homeschoolers who teach their children both the Bible and accept evolution.
It will be great to get some tips how.

(Zach Philip) #85

Hey! I’m a homeschooled student and advocate of EC in a world of YEC homeschoolers XD Excited to be here!

(Laura) #86

Welcome, Zach! Glad you found us. A lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to being in a world of YEC!

(Zach Philip) #87

Thanks Elle! Yeah, that’s for sure :slight_smile:

(Phil) #88

Welcome, Zach. We hope we can be of help and support. It is sometimes tough to know how to approach difficult subjects in a loving manner with friends and loved ones, especially when the reaction received may not be so positively inclined. We all pray for God’s wisdom in life’s journey.

(Bruce Holt) #89

Hi Alyssa,

Welcome from one who reads a lot here but is often very late in responding. Do you live in Cairns? I’d be interested in learning what the homeschool scene is like there, or more generally in Australia. My son wants to visit your part of the world, as he wants to see a saltwater crocodile!

Please do let us know if there are specific “tips” you are interested in. This forum has been a wonderful source of ideas and encouragement for me.

Warm Regards,
Bruce Holt
Washington, DC (but soon to be Frankfurt, Germany) area

(Bruce Holt) #90

Hi Zach. Welcome to the forum from a homeschooling father. I hope you are able to find lots of encouragement through your interactions here, as I have.

If you are willing to share, I would love to learn more about your background with homeschooling and learning about science. Does the rest of your family share or support your EC thinking? I’m curious partly because my wife and I are not in accord in our thinking about these matters, and my son probably feels caught in the middle more than he lets me know. So I’ll be able to relate if that is a difficult issue for you.

I’m also rather obsessed with geography and like learning where people live.

I know some who come to the forum prefer to maintain some anonymity, so no worries if you don’t want to respond with more details here.

Warm Regards,
Bruce Holt

(Zach Philip) #91

Hey Mr. Holt!

Thanks so much! My dad is not opposed to evolutionary creationism but leans towards old-earth stuff. My mom is more young-earth but not anti-old-earth. So I’m the only evolutionary creationist :wink: I did do the Answers in Genesis curriculum in elementary/middle school but now just study normal college texts for science.

The issue does come up a lot! I’m in IL by Wheaton College.



Hi everyone,

This will be our third year homeschooling. We have three children, ages 6, 6, and 7.

We are a bit of a lone family as far as a homeschooling community goes, because the nearest co-op is an hour away and we have very snowy winters. However, our children are in various activities (swimming, karate, scouting), which helps.

We use a Charlotte Mason-influenced approach to homeschooling and use almost all free resources.

We are a secular homeschooling family, but enjoy incorporating/addressing religious topics (in art, music, prose, etc.). We currently use for most of our subjects (reading, math, science, history, geography, art, music, prose, poetry). We also use khan academy for math review and Salsa Spanish for foreign language.

When we started, we weren’t sure how homeschooling would work for our family, but now it’s hard to imagine sending the children to school outside the home every day.

(Laura) #93

Welcome to the forum, @momo3! I sympathize with the “very snowy winters” aspect of homeschooling – we have them too and it makes it hard to get involved in much that involves a lot of driving just because the cancellation rate is so high.

Under the Home looks really neat – I will have to check it out.


Thanks for the welcome, Elle!

(Becky Gee) #95


Today is our first homeschool day for our daughter’s seventh grade year. Our three older kids were homeschooled half-day/half public school, (unusual, but it worked very well in our situation). They eventually graduated from public high school. I anticipate that our youngest will continue with homeschool full time.

We are in a Classical Conversations group. Like others have expressed, we are happy with the classical method, and we love our CC families, but are not supportive of the anti-evolution portion of the curriculum. I’ve seen and heard of much worse amongst Christian homeschools, tho. At least It Couldn’t Just Happen is not hostile towards EC. Still, integrating a certain position on the topic of Origins seems to me counter to the CC ideal of teaching “HOW to think, not WHAT to think.” We have primarily emphasized with our daughter that the differences of belief about creation should not be divisive, but sadly it is. I’ve already read the book with her. I am thankful for this forum, and for my scientist husband to guide us thoughtfully and lovingly through these topics.

(Timothy Willett) #96


My name is Tim and I am a just starting my homeschooling journey.

I have 2 boys, one 4, one 17 months, and one more on the way.

My wife and I read a paper that really impacted the way we thought about family, called refamily, before having our first son and it talked about the Biblical idea of family being a multi-generation team on a mission. After reading it, homeschool just seemed like a natural way for our family to try to move towards that vision of being a unified team. We looked into homeschooling and liked a lot of other aspects about it too.

As far as finding Biologos and “converting” to EC. I was raised in a conservative/fundamentalist Christian private school and taught a lot of the AIG material in middle school. During college I went to a church that taught that it was okay to not believe the earth was 6000 years old and I proceeded to debate one the pastors and point out his “errant ways” on his blog…thankfully he and the other friends I met at the church were super patients with me :slight_smile:

After a while though I experienced what seemed to me to be a more genuine feeling of Christian love from my new friends and community and couldn’t deny that my new friends I made were more genuine of Christians than I was even though they were "so far off in there liberal non-YEC views :slight_smile: " and this experience softened me from making the YEC views so central even though I still mostly held to them.

After a bit though I got more interested in study of Scripture myself and I began to see the theological errors of YEC and became an agnostic in the area of origins and took the approach that the Bible and evolution aren’t in conflict but still didn’t accept evolution myself.

Then about 6-9 months ago my current church did an apologetic sermon series and one week they covered evolution vs creation, they showed us clips of a Lee Strobel documentary pointing out the errors of evolution. I felt several of his arguments were not giving the other side a fair hearing and I also realized I had never actually studied evolution from someone who wasn’t trying to disprove it, so decided to spend some time studying evolution from someone who actually wasn’t teaching it with an agenda to disprove it.

I eventually came across Biologs and found the evidence overwhelming for evolution and actually have found it to even resolve some theological difficulties in my Christian faith.

I was excited to find this forum as I am a bit out from where it would really make a difference in homeschool curriculum (except that I don’t skip over the references when reading dinosaur books to my son now :wink: ) but from what I’ve found so far the Christian homeschool curriculum seems to start teaching anti-evolutionary/pro-YEC agenda pretty early on.

I’ve been able to sit down with my wife and explain why I now believe in evolution, she’s not opposed to it, but just still processing it all.

I look forward to connecting and giving/receiving mutual support from other like-minded homeschool parents on this forum.


(Mervin Bitikofer) #97

Hi Tim, and welcome! (I’m not a homeschooling parent, actually, but I cheat and drop in here too – our two boys both went to a Christian K-12 school where I teach, and are just out of college now.)

But in any case, I’m sure you’ll make good connections here, and while I may not be up on all the latest homeschooling curricula I do fellowship with and respect a lot of home schoolers through my associations at school. Patience is indeed a virtue! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story.

(Christy Hemphill) #98

Welcome, Tim. Glad you found us.

You would be surprised how soon the indoctrination starts, depending on which curriculum you use. Hope you and your wife can get on the same page (at least somewhat) about how to approach the issue with your kids, but you are right that you can avoid the really sticky stuff for a while yet. Feel free to come vent a little when/if your homeschooling community drives you a little batty on the topic-that’s what most of us find. Though it sounds like your church is really open about discussing these things, which is more than most of us can say.

(Randy) #99

Mr Holt, I hope you and your family are well and adjusting to Germany well. Best wishes on learning two languages!

(Christy Hemphill) #100

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(Shaun) #101


I couldn’t believe such a forum ever exists. :grinning:
I have no kids but decided to homeschool my children if I had any years ago.

(Christy Hemphill) #102

Welcome! There’s lots of good info around here for people who don’t have kids. We can all be lifelong learners, right?