Integrate Curriculum and "101 Great Big Questions About God and Science"


Many of these discussions and topics are unique and interesting, but almost all of them center around our own perspectives or questions on faith and science matters: points of seeming conflict or our questions, which rightfully need answers. I’ve briefly visited the site for the Biologos Integrate curriculum and found it worthwhile FOR ME to read; to frame my perspectives and questions within a larger context. The same goes for the Faraday Institute’s project of 101 Big Questions. The questions are well organized (Chpt 1: To Infinity and Beyond!; Chpt 2: Who are We and What are We Doing Here?; Chpt 3: Space Mysteries…). A big compliment to BioLogos and Faraday for thinking about future generations growing in faith and knowledge. Has anyone looked into these resources?


That’s nice to hear.

I was on the team that wrote Integrate and I keep telling people to check it out. :wink:

The Forum is populated by people who have the time to hang out here mostly, so you don’t really get a representative sample of all the people who are benefiting from other BioLogos resources. From the response of teachers at various conferences and professional development sessions that people on the Integrate team have been involved in, there are lots of concerned Christian parents and teachers who want to do well by the next generation and stop presenting conflict narratives that push kids away from church or away from their giftings in STEM fields.


Ironic you should post this now. This afternoon (as well as a few others) I’ve been examining the Integrate curriculum with YEC homeschooling friends and family in mind, who think that mindset is their only option for Christians’ engagement with science topics.

I think Integrate takes a thoughtful, open approach to engaging well with science, as well as developing as decent human beings, who have skills to talk with people with different views. We could use some more peace-makers in many areas these days.

I haven’t looked at Faraday’s 100 questions book. Hopefully, a healthy antidote to the stream of answers books from some other publishing/media conglomerate.


If you are in a place to recommend things to parents, Faraday has promoted two fun middle grade books with young teen characters who are trying to approach their questions about faith and science in a good way.

Science Geek Sam and his Secret Logbook
Science Geek Christy and her Eco-Logbook

I am naturally partial to this series because of their excellent taste in naming their female protagonist.


We love love love the 101 Questions book at the BioLogos office! Most of them are people in our network, and it’s such a fun read.


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