In hoc signo vinces/With this sign you shall conquer

Did that event really happened?Do we have any other sources expect Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius who was a christian?And if it did happen doesn t that proves something supernatural?

I have no idea what you are talking about. This needs more context.

Its the story of the Emperor Constantine before the battle of Milvian Bridge.The chronicle of the historian i refered to above says that Constantine saw a Chi Rho on the Sky and heard the voice of God telling him :With this you shall conquer" He then proceded to paint the letter in the soldiers shields which eventually resulted in them winning the battle.Shortly after that he wrote the Edict of Milan

The only historian that i found quoting this is Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius .So im looking for more insight on the event

Chri Rho are the first letters from the Greek Alphabet meaning Christ"Christos"Χριστος

It’s a story. What does it matter whether it is a fact or not?

If it is a fact then we might have our first historical record of divine intervention of some sort no?

You mean, unlike the bible?

Well besides that of course

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Pretty sure it’s just a legend.

Why don’t you research this?

I don’t think so. There are so many other references to miracles throughout history. In the Catholic tradition, every saint has a miracle story.

I don’t believe that it proves anything. Especially when it’s a 50/50 type deal. They would either win or lose. Ultimately, any of these events still requires a few things.

  1. Whatever it is must be in relationship to scripture. As in you can’t pray for a miracle when the miracle is evil. Such as a man praying to God to please let him get lucky with some girl tonight, snd then it happens. It’s not a miracle or from God.

So for me it’s hard to see God wanting this or that man to win in a war. It’s like when I was in the military and people prayed to God to let them win in a upcoming battle. It was not a battle of good versus evil but nations at war.

  1. It requires faith in it. People have witnessed aliens, Bigfoot and gods from other faiths. So just like with modern media ( the news ) I have to be aware that certain writings could be wrote as biased false stories.

So though I don’t much about the specific OP
Story it would require those two things fit me to accept it. But to me it’s something that has zero bearing on my faith.

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No no thats wasnt a saint (although later he became).He was the Emperor Constantine a pagan .Christianity was still illegal in the roman empire thenThe Catholic church wasnt even a thing The Christian church as we know it wasnt even a thing ,rather there were these christians groups in every city.Now if this is a legend i dont know thats why i asked here .I tried to search it up on the internet but i didnt found anything besides pages that basically "retells"the event

Also i dont think the miracles of the saints are pretty accurate since theyve seem to be written by aunothorized authors or something?

I tried to but as hard as it is to believe i didnt find anything rather than pages retelling the same story

It’s a self-serving myth. And therefore a dangerous one as well as being a dangerous one…

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We have a source .One more and its considered historical in my opinion

One more from China or India or Peru or Norway would be.

Youve made up your mind already.No need to engange in a debate about its historisity since im not even sure about it myself.Move along

My mind is completely open to you Nick. A self serving myth is a self serving myth and a dangerous one at that as I said.

You are so sure about everything that you always state these are myths.I dont know if this one falls in that category but if it doesnt id like to see your reaction to it .

I’m certain that if it looks like a myth, it’s a myth. It certainly isn’t history and it certainly didn’t happen. God is not like that. Of that I am absolutely certain. And He never has been. Of that I am categorically certain. He has always been Love from eternity. Love loves. It does not conquer using human proxies to butcher its enemies. It has no enemies.

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