If there were to be a new world order what would that look like from a Christian point of view?

Just hypothetically with all the talk of a global reset what would a follower of Christ want that world to look like? Imagine a world with…

Everyone is vegan. Pedestrian paths lined with native plants along every road. Tiny homes in small neighborhoods with large yards loaded down with native edibles and a huge pavilion with beautiful gardens all over for each neighborhood with cool wooden kid parks and everything is renewable and recyclable and is actually reused.


I’ll pass on veganism. :wink: Let me be sustainably flexitarian and I’m in. Where do I sign up?

Maybe you could be the corpse eater and as the animals die of old age and accidents we would let you feast on them xd.


Uhhh… Thanks? :sweat_smile:


Get your soylent green!


This follower of Christ wants nothing other than the world which God has created.

This is not to say that the world is the best it can be. Even God regrets many of the choices His children have made. But that is the way of life and freedom of will. I do not wish for a world which goes my way in everything and I am sure God does not want a world which goes His way in everything. It is relationships which are important and thus we have to have others who make their own choices however regrettable those may be. And once they have chosen otherwise then that is who they are now and shall we them wish them away to be replaced by different people?

I certainly do NOT want a world described by “everyone is ______.” Uniformity does not make for a better world. Challenges are a necessity for life and to be sure some of the differences between people present greater challenges to us than others.


I think like in the early church where everyone held everything in common, and those who had gave to those who had not, along with no racial, religious or gender based divisions.

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The church, even in the first century, still seemed to struggle with every equal but not the same. Definitely had various views on elders being male or female and so on.

But with the pressure Nero and Rome placed on them it sort of helped cement them as a family.

That’s a sin.

What I’d like to see is that the world’s per capita income of $10,000 actually meant something for the half of the planet on a tenth of that. But that would need a transformation of mind including of ignorant fanatic environmentalists.

Would you mandate to everyone to live this way? What are Jesus teachings that support this way of life?

It really bothers me a little bit that none here said nothing along the lines of “I want everyone to accept Jesus and be saved”

What difference would that make?

The question was what is a Christian perspective on how a new world order would operate.

The whole of creation and theology comes together on a heaven and earth being restored and overlapping. If it’s being restored I look back to what it was prior to a disruption in the creation mythology. In genesis 1-2 we see a land where humanity is at peace, not war, with nature. The story shows no animal sacrifices and humanity not eating meat. It shows the paradigm of leaving plants for animals along the ground and humanity eating fruit of the trees. Symbolism for humanity coruling with God over nature. Adams job was to tend and over watch the garden.

So by placing restoration back within the lens of what it was previously in the story we see a world where humanity is improving the world, not destroying it. We see a humanity watching over and being very active with wild life ( Adam meeting and naming the animals of the world ) and it’s not until after sin thst animal sacrifices come into play and even then it’s generation later after the flood until we see animals being permitted to being eaten.

When I look at the world now these are the three main problems I see in its basic form.

  1. A disconnect from one another.
  2. Greed and over indulgence.
  3. Needs not being met.

By turning each street into a mini neighborhood where the focal point is a community area with pavilions, architectural gardens, and a place for all the kids to play is helping to encourage togetherness and relationships. We see this theme of being close knitted and sharing all throughout scripture.

By eliminating giant houses with thousands of extra square feet serving no real purpose but to be stuffed with products we help undermine overindulgence. With less things inside a house it means money spent on more than just bigger things. This is also something we see throughout scripture. We even seen people with multiple houses selling them to give to those in need. In general a smaller house requires less energy to maintain. It helps cut out constant coveting. It uses less resources to build. It takes up less of our biosphere.

By making sure native plants are being used with tons of edibles we are helping to eliminate some of the biggest needs in life. Food. If you live in a food forest then you don’t starve. But the garden is also not just for you. Native plants are the structure to ecosystems. Wilderness is heavily fragmented. Species extinctions are on the climb. Animal populations are falling out of balance and dozens of other problems. Just research wilderness fragmentation, ecology, and native plants. Again in genesis we see humanity role in helping to develop and cultivate the garden, not destroy it.

Now compare that to the modern trend you see for subdivisions. Large houses wasting lots of resources to build and maintain on a small plot of land leaving just strips of useless turf grass boarded by large driveways and tall fences. To get the most return, the developers cut away community focus and focus on a horizontal complex broken up by grass essentially. It’s a dead zone for animal and plant life. At most there may be 40x40 grass plot with a 30x30 pavilion and two small rusted barbecues in a metal post. If you bike through these neighborhoods all the time you’ll notice almost no neighborly interactions. If you leave and go by a park you mostly see just a few kids isolated from each other at a park. Many parents can’t even find the time to take their kids 15 minutes away to play for an hour with others at a park.

So a community where people are not at war with whose has the biggest and best stuff surrounded by beautiful plants and food that gives life to not only them but the animal kingdom creating more and more biodiversity where kids are just a few minutes away from a park regardless where they live really is a way better picture.

If you’re asking me if I could force the entire world to adopt these practices and outlaw the opposite the answer is yes. If I came into the power to force this world to ensure everyone was taken care of, and nature was on the rebound , and so on my answer is yes. Same as if I could enforce everyone to not litter I would.

Well faith is not a world order. It’s a personal conviction. You can’t force someone to submit to Christ ever. It’s impossible to do. The question is very different from what would be a perfect world.

I imagine global reset as recreating the world with no sin with God in it.Basically the answer to the question aboive is it will happen in the second coming

I guess nothing for you since you are a universalist.But for me a lot

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If you have to believe in God the inadequate pathological self righteous sadist, I understand. Been there.

Or from your point of view i can rape kill do drugs ,treat people like s… and still go to heaven. Got it.

I should have turned the other cheek on your comment above but i wanted to clarify my position
Move along.

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