Humor in Science and Theology

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Being a hot near summer day, and to supplement our discussions on the nature of hell:


This one made me giggle.

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Is he actually smoking a pipe? … Never mind. I guess nobody’s going to post any no-smoking signs in hell.

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Regarding the swine situations in Canada and Mexico, maybe it’s pretty urgent we invest in border walls after all!

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I bet those are just domestic hogs. Wild hogs around here outnumber the domestic variety by a bunch. And remember to never wrestle with a pig, as you will get dirty, and the pig likes it. (I would give an attribute to that saying, but evidently everyone and no one said it.). Still, there certainly a lot of hog farms in mid-America. Something is not Kosher about that.

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Here is another recent submission from the Babylon Bee :slight_smile:

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I’m going to try my hand at this too if I can figure out the formatting. Wouldn’t be surprised if it has already been posted - and that reminds me I could always go back to the beginning of this thread and find out. Thanks to Doonesbury for this gem.

Famous Christians Who Believed Evolution is Compatible with Christian Faith
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Great! “Sunday creationist” is a new term to me, but very descriptive!

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As an adherent of that faith I am deeply offended. How do I alert a mod to this desecration? That little boy and his litigious tiger should be banned.:wink:Tongue firmly in cheek.

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Ah come now! As an ecumenical math teacher I try to keep a “big tent” in my math classrooms. We have room for doubters and even the occasional atheist. (Okay – I’ll admit to being more conservative as I’m grading exams, so I guess there is that.) But we should try to be a seeker friendly math environment, right? :sunglasses:


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Well … I suppose his doubts and ignorance are real enough … which is more than I can say for the tiger. Okay, sure. Why not? They can stay. After all they are amusing.

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Nothing to do with theology, but science involved in my favorite Calvin strip of all time:

Or maybe seeing things in black and white does impact theology, a bit.

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As an older brother I enjoyed the same things as Calvin’s dad. As a stepdad and math teacher I mostly had gotten it out of my system, with perhaps one exception.

I taught middle school math for 25 years. Every year Kaiser would present a small play to raise kids awareness of the danger of AIDS at the end of which we’d hand out little puberty pamphlets with more information and help lines on it. There was this one student Tom who made teaching fun. He was very bright, witty and socially adept. I was handing the pamphlets out at the door and everyone dutifully took theirs until Tom put up his hand and said “oh, I don’t think I’ll need one of those Mr Delepine”. In one of those rare moments when you think of what you wish you had said in time I answered “maybe not now, Tom, but what if you come into puberty next year?” He gave me a very satisfying “you got me” and his friends enjoyed seeing how well he could take a jest, already knowing how quick he could hand them out. His mom substituted for the school secretary whenever she had to be out and she or I would laugh over this story many times over the years.

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Since we have copied Calvin and Hobbs a lot, thought you might enjoy this author’s series on the theology of Calvin and Hobbes, he has a lot of other interesting blog topics also:

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As long as we’ve moved to math humor, my kids adore this parody song.