Humor in Science and Theology



I’m not changing my religion today. And no action is required on your part.

(Randy) #102

I think C S Lewis said that he couldn’t make a column of 4 different figures add up the same way, twice.
I feel a kinship with him.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #103

Keep us posted!

(Mervin Bitikofer) #104

I used to have a poster up in my classroom that read:

5 + 2 - 5000 = 12

With the caption underneath that read: “God’s math is not always like our math.”

Anybody with any Bible exposure at all should be able to “get it” on first glance, but in case they didn’t, the poster had pictures of loaves and fish on it. I added another little sub-caption underneath that read: “Your exams, however, will be graded using quite ordinary math.”


Today is different. Got a new religion! And I want to make everybody jump through hoops.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #106

It is such great exercise, though, isn’t it? That, and jumping to conclusions is how I try to stay fit. I suppose it must have some entertainment value for others.

Seriously, though, perhaps wrestling back and forth even if just on the intellectual level plows up some ground for when the Spirit does move. And hopefully it ends up having been a fruitful cultivation and preparation toward such a time.

(Randy) #107

You knew that these Church Bulletin Bloopers would make their way here sometime-

40.The church will host an evening of fine dining, superb entertainment, and gracious hostility.
41.Ushers will eat latecomers.
42.Tuesday at 4PM there will be an ice cream social. All ladies giving milk will please come early.
43.Weight Watchers will meet at 7 p.m. Please use large double door at the side entrance.
44.Potluck supper: prayer and medication to follow.

(Mark D.) #108

So much for praying for help on math tests.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #109

I like to tell my students that their prayers are even more effective if given while they are still studying.

p.s. Often students will volunteer to pray before a class or an exam. One student once (notably) prayed that the exams they were about to take would accurately show what they had learned. [and she wasn’t a student who always got 'A’s!] It was such an unusual thing to hear a student pray for that it sticks out in my memory.

(Randy) #110

Wow, great humility in that student. Thanks for that “exam-ple.”

(Mark D.) #111

She should go far. What more could one ask for than accurate feedback if one is looking to understand a subject correctly?

(Randy) #112

We’ve been discussing vestigial organs lately.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #113

Those who listened to the excellent video of “Francis Collins Speaking on Genetic Engineering and Christian Faith” just few threads over may have been a bit frustrated that the video doesn’t show us the same visual aids that the live audience got to see. Well, here is at least one of those visuals – more appropriate for this thread rather than that one! Enjoy.


From the Babylon Bee:

Ken Ham Ejected From Theater For Yelling ‘WRONG’ Every Time ‘Jurassic World’ Actors Say ‘65 Million Years’


(Luca) #115

Now that is unbelievable!

(Phil) #116


Have you ever noticed that for some reason people don’t want to change their religion? (Imagine that!) A couple of young missionaries, who arrogantly describe themselves as “representatives of Jesus Christ,” find out the hard way that they are no match for this dude who has a way with words! Listen carefully, as this can be hard to understand.

Missionaries getting smoked

(Randy) #118

You might want to try this millennial missionary blurb by John Crist :slight_smile:

So to clarify, my parents were actually the most serving and generous people I met in my life; and many millennials are too, I think. We frequently depended on church food pantries when on furlough (but Dad worked when he could back here). But–this brought a smile to my face and I shared it with the missions committee at my church.

(Randy) #119

I’m looking forward to watching this as soon as I can.


I should have called it “The Battle of the Cults”