Humor in Science and Theology

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Glad you liked it! It’s sort of a Christian spin-off of The Onion. Which is, of course, hilarious.

…like this article (which @Mervin_Bitikofer will certainly appreciate), for instance, which I thought was just comic gold!

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Ouch. Reminds me of how often I can’t see the forest for the trees! Makes me think, though! thanks.

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PS reminds me of the short story of “Harrison Bergeron” by Vonnegut, from high school. Sometimes we get a misplaced idea of what’s fair.

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I don’t know that one. Someday perhaps I’ll read Vonnegut.

I’m not sure I understand what you think the article is about. What do you mean about a misplaced idea of what’s fair?

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Sorry–from what I remember, Harrison Bergeron and his girlfriend live in a dystopian society which enforces equality for everyone. In this society, no one can be better than the others. If you’re stronger, more beautiful, smarter, etc, they give you handicaps so no one feels bad. Harrison and his sweetheart are beautiful, talented dancers, and so the enforcers make them carry heavy chains and wear thick glasses to make them nearsighted, with makeup to make them ugly. One night, they put on a dance, which is heavily impeded by their handicaps. They decide to throw off their chains, but the Enforcer, a mean lady, shoots them down in mid-leap. It is a bit more macabre, but reminds me of C S Lewis’ criticism of American schools’ trying to dumb down their curriculae so as to make the less gifted learners feel better about themselves. I’m sure there’s a more edifying example I could give. Thanks.

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Got it. :slight_smile: That makes more sense now.

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Babylon Bee has too much good stuff. Since this touches on astrology and homeschool books and such, this article out today may be interesting:


How do we know that Jesus was Jewish?

  • He lived at home for 30 years.

  • He went into the family business.

  • His Mother thought he was God.

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Terrific! My wife and I can relate!

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Dinosaurs… you mean …

@cwhenderson gave me the “Award for Most Silly Walk” when he saw this!

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I can’t remember the exact award I bestowed, but I’m certain it was more flattering! :slight_smile:

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That is brilliant!

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I think there is a great deal of humor in the Bible.

The names Abraham and Sarah mean “father of a multitude” and “mother of nations”. Could you imagine them meeting people in their older years? I would imagine the people they meet would reply “Don’t you think you should gett started?”.

Another example is when Gideon was trying to thrash wheat in the wine press in the middle of the night to avoid being detected by the Mideanites. He was probably covered in the chaff he was trying to separate from the wheat, and The Angel of the Lord appears and says “The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.”

(Randy) #55

Why did the Israelites wander in the desert for 40 years? Because even then, men wouldn’t ask for directions.
What kind of man was Boaz before he was married? Ruthless.


What do you call it when Batman leaves church early?

Christian Bale

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Good one! My kids love Lego Batman and Ninjago at this point.

Another: Humility is the only virtue that by definition we lose as soon as we think we’ve got it, right?

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How many members of each denomination does it take to change a lightbulb?
1.Calvinists: None. Everything is foreordained.
2.Baptists: Two responses–a) Change!?! or b) We need a committee to study if it’s Biblical to change a lightbulb.
3.Methodists: Just one but we need a chicken potluck dinner to make it official.
4.Catholics: We don’t need a lightbulb. We have a million candles.
5.Amish: What’s a lightbulb?
6.Episcopalian: One, but the rest of the lightbulb search committee to say how much they liked the old lighbulb better.

(Laura) #59

Nice ones! I’d always heard it as “None, if it would involve the raising of hands in the sanctuary.”

(Randy) #60

ah, good one to add to the repertoire.