Humor in Science and Theology

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We used to sing that version in InterVarsity in college — minus the youthful voices and organ, of course. I haven’t heard it in… decades. (Can I say that now? I guess I can…) Thanks so much for posting! One of my favorites, too!



I was just at a class on jazz at our marvelous library, and tonight we looked at the jazz greats Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Evidently the Church of Saint John Coltrane is a thing:

Church of Saint John Coltrane


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Does anyone have a good April Fools for today? :smile:

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Does make you think a bit. We visited the Bible Museum in DC, and they did a good job with things, I thought. I noticed in the video on the Old Testament, they had Eve eating a pomegranate rather than an apple, maybe a bit more regionally accurate fruit.

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… Is God wearing glasses?! Would they be bifocals? Probably some pretty good corrective lenses at least. At His age you know…

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Gary Larson is so clever; I at first was worried that I posted something that wasn’t in very good humor, but after reading your note and listening to Bethany Sollereder’s good discussion about animal suffering, while this doesn’t comment on reasoning, it helps put a little spin on a difficult question. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I saw the cartoon just after listening to the latest podcast about animal suffering. Amazingly appropriate. Randy, did you have that in mind when you posted?
Larson is/was incredible. No cartoonist has ever been able capture the absurdity of the world the way he did.

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That is such a great cartoon. Frankly I think it gets at why it seems strange to imagine everything about the world designed on purpose. If one really thought it could all have been done any way at all, then why the need to eat at all? If in our near God-likeness (image bearers) we imagine ourselves possessed of a spirit portion which is somehow above all the carnage, why be embodied at all? I’m not sure which is more absurd, that as life forms we all live off of each other or that we imagine our essence to be something entirely apart from our animalness.

For me God only makes sense at all as a highly constrained being. Constrained by substrates of reality which are more than his arbitrary whim. And more importantly constrained by a vision of rightness which He discovers as He goes, not a plan which He hatches in a vacuum and then carries out without another thought.

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Not really the thread for getting all serious though. So here is a joke:

Q: Why can’t atheists solve exponential equations?

A: Well, because they don’t believe in higher powers.

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It’s amazing to me how much humor helps us deal with the difficult things of life.
No, I hadn’t yet listened to her podcast, but thought it really was relevant after ward!

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Evolutionary Psychology 101

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Hope this doesn’t step on too many toes, my apologies if it does, but remember, it is humor, and considering our recent posts on miracles thought it funny:

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[I removed the Pontius Puddle strips I had posted here, since I noticed there is a fee for their use on web sites. You can Google the comic to see them on the official site.]

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Delete if necessary. I call this one, The Modern Sistine (or, The Millennial Gift of Life)