Humor in Science and Theology

(Mark D.) #407

My reaction exactly.

(David Heddle) #408

It reminds me of when I hear that Jesus Christ Superstar was blasphemous. I always think to myself: but that is where I learned the Gospel of John!

(Mark D.) #409

We’ve seen some of these acapella pieces before but this one is for @mitchellmckain. I wonder if the science it contains meets with your approval.

(Phil) #410

Great stuff. I have yet to see the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, but will maybe catch it when it goes to Netflix.

(Cindy) #411

This would be a great topic in my “Exploring Religion” class! I’m going to bring it up to my professor.


(Mitchell W McKain) #412

Of course. I even recognize 90% of what it was referring to. I am sure the more you know about the physics the more you will get out of that song. I had only one class in string theory (all that was offered) and so he probably knows more about the topic than I do. The university of Utah isn’t exactly at the pinacle of theoretical physics. I am intrigued by this guy and wonder what his master’s thesis was about and what university he is from. My master’s in physics didn’t involve a master’s thesis though I did write one for my divinity degree, on the metaphysical implications of modern physics.

FYI… about the mention of tachyons (the theoretical particle which moves faster than light)… It arises in the study of string theory largely as a something which shoots down a theoretical formulation – a sign that you have done something wrong.

(Mark D.) #413

Neither have I and I’ve never gone to many live concerts in my life except for a couple of blue grass shows and one electronic music show by a German group called Tangerine Dream. But I’ve seen video of a live Queen concert so I imagine that movie would be pretty fun.

(Phil) #414

Oscar week:

(Phil) #415

“As you wish.”

Quote from article:
Critics of the move included Pastor John MacArthur, who called the recognition of revelation after the closing of the NT canon “inconceivable” and said the heretics who voted for the resolution should “prepare to die.”

(Mervin Bitikofer) #416

Foxtrot has been one of my favorites. A colleague of mine brought this in to add to my classroom collection.


(Mervin Bitikofer) #417

Can’t resist one more parting shot here …

(Phil) #418


The Rapture…

(Phil) #420

funny! I noticed you have not been around much lately, pray all is going well with you, as I know you have had your challenges. Have a blessed week!


Thank you for your concern.

(Phil) #422

Happy Pi day! Have a slice of your favorite!

(Laura) #423

Planning some strawberry rhubarb for later today… in our pi pan of course (the rim is surrounded by several digits of pi…).

(Phil) #424

This cartoon reminds me of someone who figured out each breath we take or glass of water we drink has a few molecules that were a part of Jesus’ body at one time. Perhaps there is a idea in here somewhere to be developed of homeopathic Christianity…


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Here is one of my very favorite hymns; Scroll down to see all the lyrics.

(Trigger Alert: the Trinity is mentioned)

St Patrick’s Breastplate
(aka “I bind unto myself today”)

Sung by the Choir of Keble College


If you like weird theology you’ll love this!

Smells like Giant Spirit: Nephilim Perfumes