Humor in Science and Theology

(David Heddle) #367

Not quite humor, but maybe fun:

My last birthday mm/dd/yyyy of the 1900’s was a special day with a property that will not occur again for another (approximately) 1092 years from today. What is my birthday?

(Mervin Bitikofer) #368

Is your birthday January 13th? Though if that was the answer, I confess I wouldn’t know the significance of your reference to your 1999 birthday. But I’m guessing you’re dealing with a palindromic something-or-other here.

(David Heddle) #369

Answer: 11/19/1999 is the last day with all odd numbers until 1/1/3111

(Dominik Kowalski) #370

And I spent around 30 minutes reading “Today in history” websites because I fully expected a comet or an asteroid

(Dominik Kowalski) #371

A neuroscientist about free will:
I´m not a Fatalist, but even if I were, what could I do about it?

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #372

Reminds me of the old joke about the Calvinist who falls down the stairs. He gets up, rubs his head, and says, “Well, I’m glad I got that over with!”

(David Heddle) #373

Or the joke the Babylon Bee had a while back about Calvinist Health Insurance, where everything is a preexisting condition.

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #374

omgosh that’s hilarious!

(Phil) #375

This could lead to the death of discussion forums everywhere if it catches on.

(Dominik Kowalski) #376

Bertrand Russell is a goldmine in regards to hilarious quotes:

I once received a letter from an eminent logician, Mrs. Christine Ladd-Franklin, saying that she was a solipsist, and was surprised that there were no others. Coming from a logician, this surprised me.


Nietzsche’s superman is very like Siegfried, except that he knows Greek. This may seem odd, but that is not my fault .

(David Heddle) #377

Tomorrow’s (ungraded) in-class timely clicker quiz for my Honors class on the Evolution of Physics

(Phil) #378

E? Not a patriot fan either to get my 11 letters.


The devil appeared to a prominent politician and said, “I’ll hand you the next election if you’ll sell me your soul.”

“Okay,” the politician replied. “But what’s the catch?”


The Gregorian Calendar

(Randy) #381

(Randy) #382

An 80 year old, very nice lady presents to her new physician’s office because she has moved to a new town. On reviewing her medications, the doctor exclaims, “This can’t be right. Are you really taking birth control?”

The lady responds quickly, “Oh, Doctor, please don’t take those pills from me. Those are very important. They help me sleep.”

Her new doctor, incredulous, questions her further: “But what can you be using these for at your age?”

“Well, you see, my 15 year old granddaughter lives with me. I just grind them up, put one in her drink every night, and then I can sleep!”

(Randy) #383


There once was a man who took everything in the Bible very literally. Every day, he would open his Bible randomly and plunk his finger down. The verse his finger landed on would be his daily inspiration, direct from God!

One day, he was doing his usual routine with the Bible, and his finger lands on Matthew 27:5, where Judas goes out and hangs himself.

So the guy is worried. This can’t be right! He decides to try again. The second verse he finds is, “Go and do likewise.”

So now he’s in a panic and decides to give it just one more try. The verse he finds is, “What thou doest, do quickly.”

(Randy) #385

I’ve been missing Far Side…

(Phil) #386

Makes you wonder if the folks with cold coffee are in Limbo, just outside of Hell. I’ve been reading a series reviewing Dante’s Inferno, which has been interesting: