Humor in Science and Theology


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One of the reasons I brave the caustic Twitter environment is that I really like a few joke accounts. Here is one I saw today! :rofl::rofl:


John Crist strikes again!

If Bible Characters had iPhones


From Right Wing Watch:

Prophet Charlie Shamp: Pete Rose Will Enter The Hall of Fame as a Sign of Christ’s Imminent Return

Better than anything a professional comedian could come up with!

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Yah, but I kind of wonder if the scandal monger gets glorified whether it’s not a prince of the other kingdom who’s coming back again.


I don’t think so–It is clear that I am mocking him and his false prophesy. On the other hand we are supposed to
tolerate post after post tearing Christianity apart.

(Randy) #354

No, I am sorry… I was really obscure. .I meant if Pete Rose actually makes it into the Hall of Fame, it doesn’t necessarily glorify God…so I’d associate a darker prince with that than a type of good news! It was a great post…I had never seen that site before. Thank you. Like you said, it’s better than made up by a comedian (though sadder too). Thanks; sorry I wasn’t clear. It kind of hits home to me too because Bakker is from my dad’s home town of Muskegon, half an hour from me. Weird, though… I just talked to someone who had never heard of him or the scandal.

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I had lost track of him, it was a little interesting how much his new wife looks like Tammy Faye 2.0.

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Ha! I really need to find the time to get through this whole thread. I wonder if I will find any of my old priest’s many jokes here? He always told one before each homily.

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You can always search a thread for keywords – the magnifying glass in the upper right, and then remember to check the box ‘search this topic’ so it doesn’t search the forum at large.

I did that just now to see if I had already shared a joke (or even heard it here first – not finding it, here goes…)

So a man and his friend were out golfing, and he was just getting ready to swing when he noticed a funeral procession driving by. He stopped, mid-swing … took off his hat, bowed his head, and remained that way until the entire procession had passed. As he was resuming his play, his friend commented “you know … I think that’s the sweetest, most respectful thing I’ve ever seen!” His reply: “well … yeah, we were married for 35 years after all!”

(Cindy) #358

That sounds exactly like a joke my priest would have told!

Thanks for the search tip!

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Well if this one has been told before it has been a quite a while as I always catch up with this thread whenever I’ve been away a while. Can’t trust my memory to tell it straight so I found and copied it online.

So, Moses and Jesus are golfing at Shinnecock Hills before the US Open. They get to #6 and Jesus says to Moses, “I saw Tiger hit this with a 3 iron.”

“Yeah, well, you’re not him,” says Moses.

Jesus, smirks, picks up his 3 iron and thwack, the ball plops in the water.

“I’ll get it, I’ll get it,” says Moses. Who wades into the water looking for the ball. To no avail. “Just take another shot,” he says.

“I can do it,” says Jesus.

“Just hit the driver,” Moses urges

“Tiger did it,” says Jesus.

“You’re going in after it this time then,” Moses says.

“Sure, if it goes in,” Jesus answers. “But it won’t.”

He takes his time. Lines up the shot. Reads the wind. Approaches the ball. Sets his sandals in the grass. Breathes in. Pulls his 2 iron back. THWACK. The ball sails then slices into the water. Jesus lets his shoulders sit momentarily then is unbowed. “Tiger did it,” he says to Moses brightly, then takes off his sandals and goes out after the ball. He wades into the water, looking down and around about where the ball plopped. Moses watches from the tee as Jesus, as he is wont to do, rises up onto the surface of the water, walking along the surface, searching.

Two men in the next party approach Moses and point out toward the water. “Who’s that guy think he is?” they ask, “Jesus Christ?”

Moses answers, “No, he thinks he’s Tiger Woods.”

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Live by the sword of science, die by the sword…

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Here is a link to a science-y article on a Mennonite humor site. Really. I thought Merv would enjoy some Anabaptist humor. It is sort of a Mennonite Babylon Bee.

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Thanks for that, Phil! Here is another offering from the Daily Bonnet, though the warning may be too late here for eclipse enthusiasts.

(Phil) #363

and something appropriate to review for a discussion forum:

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All we need is that article translated into low German!

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So … if we’re on a ‘bee’ kick here, I can’t resist at least one more….

[…and the followup article for the next day could be: “She graciously offers to let him help keep the household fed and cleaned, and he, feeling honored, gets right on it!”]

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I couldn’t help but laugh at this. As a double Biology/Religion major, it strikes me as quite funny!