How to downplay COVID-19 Bingo Sheet

In light of all the things I hear constantly, I decided to make a little BINGO cheat sheet. I’m open to suggestions to make it better.


Great one–but I am finding that opposition and arguing doesn’t work. I’m trying a different tack. Some of my contacts sent me a youtube from an OSHA associated person (not one of OSHA; took the 10-30 hours) criticizing masks, and saying that medical doctors don’t know virology and microbiology like she does. I called OSHA personally to confirm that they support masks (their website does, too; and am trying to emphasize it from a positive perspective–it’s a great, cheap, safe way to prevent an awful disease.

Not sure that will work, but I’ve certainly got into a deep hole of alienation rather than discussion when I counter someone’s criticisms with facts. It seems to imply that facts aren’t their real concern. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

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Did you guys see this? Arizona woman Destroys Target Face Mask Display

Such polite language! But most likely she has psychological issues and needs medication.

“If other countries look like they are doing better than us, it’s only because China released a more virulent form on the US.”

“Most of those old people were on death’s door anyway.”

“The real thing we need to be afraid of is Antifa showing up in our small town and killing us all.” (Side note: Average number of people in the US who die from being struck by lightning: 49. Number of people who have been murdered by someone associated with Antifa, ever, in the history of the world: 0)

“This is really just about Bill Gates wanting to make everyone think they need a vaccine so he can implant tracking devices.”


I recommend changing the top left from “When the data shows…” to “When the data show…”

Also, “the data is…” should be “the data are…”

Another nice row might be: When the data show…many European lock-down countries were worse off than Sweden.

You realize that the Bingo sheet is quoting ignorant people, right? Why would we expect people who don’t understand basic germ theory or basic arithmetic to show correct subject-verb agreement with borrowed Latin plurals?


Not everyone who disagrees is necessarily ignorant. Sometimes there are different priorities, different views on the relative importance of long-term effects.

But it does not appear the top left block is a quote of those you call ignorant. The top left block is the situation set up.

If I’m not mistaken, Vance, in another thread you just provided us with one obviously overlooked one that is worth at least one bingo square of its own:

“We’re getting that much closer to herd immunity now.”

(Such awesome silver linings to be found when your previous ‘facts’ don’t pan out!)


Thanks, Mervin. Good idea.

Yes, the move to herd immunity is a good move. It does deserve a block in the matrix. Otherwise the matrix will be viewed as biased. And the Sweden situation deserves a row too.

Even people who lose their antibodies are much better able to respond to an infection.

From Dr. Birx interview with AARP:

I feel a good one missing is , “ It’s ok I’m a protester”…


I listened to a panel discussion from the American Museum of Natural History. on " COVID-19: Vaccines, Testing, and the Science Behind the Cure." It’s very, very, very riskly to think that getting sick with Covid-19 and possible dying from it is the way to go to get herd immunity.

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Thanks all so far. I’ve updated the chart a bit, plus started making a list of ‘bonus phrases.’

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Holy cow she talks for a long time about her expertise and then suggests all these medical professionals are just afraid to speak up about masks (edit: hey that’s ‘G’ on the face mask Bingo line!). But finally she gets to her supposed science at 12.5 minutes. Her argument(s):

  • You can’t filter viruses with even an N95 mask because the size of viruses is 100 nm and they can only filter down to 300 nm. So says it is completely ineffective against disease transmission.
  • She then makes a claim that you can’t get enough oxygen (around 14.5 minutes) and then says your CO2 is getting trapped in there. At this point I’m gonna stop the video because she just got the B & N from the face mask row. Boo yah!

If she really is an expert, then why doesn’t she tell us how big respiratory droplets are that contain the virus? Why doesn’t she talk about the scientific body of evidence for the efficacy of face masks? How does she think that the face masks can trap CO2 that is 0.3 nm but yet can’t trap a virus that is 100 nm. This is ridiculous. I made a Facebook post to deal with nonsense like this:


This is very helpful. Thanks!

Don’t worry. A doc in Midland Texas discovered a cure, so crisis over. He has had 100% success in 12 patients he has treated.

Seriously, my local Facebook feed has blown up with this story. Makes you wonder.


The most apparent objection is that steroids aren’t really recommended across the board given poor outcomes (dexamethasone may help some on the vent, but I don’t know if they also had asthma or not). No reason budesonide inhaled would be any better. Not to speak of the N value in an apparent ER setting? Yike.

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In my experience almost no one in person are actually holding to those statements. In the real world that I’ve came across so far it’s mostly this.

  1. Protestors who says the protests and what they are fighting for are more important than the risks of covid. Which seems silly when you run the numbers. How many people died from this verses that and ect…

  2. They just don’t care. The stimulus check was great to cover one months rent and a week of food but they need places opened up because they need to work because their bills don’t care about a virus and if there won’t be no vaccine for potentially 12-18 months then they have to accept the risk because they can’t work from home, they can’t work and keep their kids or afford daycare while working part time.

  3. I have heard suicide brought up. With roughly 1,000,000 suicide attempts a year with 48,000 suicides many believe that things need to be opened up because once you compare the numbers to deaths caused by driving, cancer, heart disease, drug overdose and so on the virus just seems to fall within those numbers. To me this is a bit dismissive but I guess it’s not any more dismissive then some states are restrictive.

I think for many, from protestors, to people in church, to people trying to not get swallowed up in debt they simply just don’t care anymore about this virus. It’s here, and it changes very little in what they have to do.

Covid-19: Vaccines, Testing, and the Science behind the Cure

The program features Dr. Pardis Sabeti, a computational genomicist creating diagnostic tests for COVID-19, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a viral immunologist and lead scientist on the vaccine development effort at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Vaccine Research Center, and Dr. Lynne Richardson, a physician and co-director of Mt. Sinai’s new Institute for Health Equity Research. The panel will be moderated by science reporter and host of the Reset podcast Arielle Duhaime-Ross.

When we get a vaccine, truly a godsend, we’ll have a whole new load of b.s.


We definitely will. People are already paranoid about vaccines causing mental disorders commonly, or containing some kind of microchip and ect…! But even then it mostly seems to be online.


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