Grants available for Climate Science in Theological Education

If you are involved in graduate theological education or know people who are, please pass on this opportunity for theological education institutions to receive grants of $15,000 for incorporating climate science into the training of future faith leaders! Applications are due April 1.

Full details and application materials can be found at

The Climate Science in Theological Education initiative will provide grants to seminaries who want to integrate and engage with climate science in theological education and ministry. Grant funds can be used to start or expand discussions on the intersection of climate science and theological education, or to fund ministry-focused activities aimed to prepare current and future pastors to engage with climate science into their ministry contexts.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) program will select up to 15 schools to receive a $15,000 grant over the next 18 months.

Project goals
The project’s ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere in places of worship in which climate science is relevant, complementary, and important to faith/religious worldviews and ultimately promote faithful and meaningful action on climate change in broader society.

Who can apply?
All accredited theological education institutions that offer an MDiv program or equivalent for the training of faith leaders can apply.

Grant requirements

  • Meaningfully engage climate-related science within theological education. This can include capacity building, curriculum engagements, ministry-focused activities, or other programs tailored to your community.
  • Host at least one enrichment activity or campus event on the grant topic that engages your students, faculty, alumni network, and/or the broader public.
  • Participate in a two-day virtual kickoff meeting and a funded in-person retreat.

Thanks for letting everyone know. I shared the info on Threads too.

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