Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple Discovered In Turkey



I first came across this a year or more ago. Fascinating find. I saw tv documentary on this find and they showed the reason why people organized around this area was because of the kind of plant{ wheat? } that grew there.

Apparrently most wheats or grasses of that species fall off easily if touched i.e attempted to be harvested, but in this area, that wheat/grass kernal/fruit does not fall off easily when touched ergo made it more easy to harvest and manipulate.

The other more speculative ideas come from the picto-graphs on one of the monuments. Some who have studied them show that the people of that time witnessed a metorite impact that occurred in Norht America in the approixmate time.

Ive had read and seen various info regarding this metor impact at a time the ice age may have been in decline{?} over North America and specifically north of the great lakes in US. Apparrently there is not an impact crater because the meteor hit only thick ice.

So ice melted but Earth was not impacted enough to be record or show evidence of the impact.

The third thing that is interesting to the scientists is that it appears that whoever built these monuments and temple intentionally buried it with rocks, Because the used rocks --instead of Earth/Soil-- water ran off and did not do signifcantly damage to the site.

Another aside I read somewhere —an foget many of the details-- was that Fullerenes were created from this impact and they have found these Fullerenes in caves in South or North Carolina ergo more evidence that there were some severe pressures created on Earth at around this time.

In the same program or another, they gave a scenario that we may have had Indians from Europe who lived on East coast, and when the impact happened, storms not only caused the exstinction of woolly bison and saber tooth tiger, but that those East coast Indians may have migrated west in search of more fertile and/or warmer environment.

They then met the Clovis people of Texas or New Mexico. So we have two kinds of spear heads there what being created East Coast Folsom and Western Clovis and the two cultures encountered each other.

One from European route/pahways and the other from Asian route/pathways.


This link is also very informative


The site has been discussed several times here. Just do a search.

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For example:


I went to the thread above. It was 2017 and some of the info I presented was not in that thread.

A year later there may exist new information not mentioned in any of the other threads of the past.

There may exist newer people here that have never seen heard of Gobeklii Tepe or visited new web pages with more indepth understanding.

Ex I gave info regarding the differrent kinds of wheat-grasses that I saw on TV documentary and found on no web site at the time I first came acrouss this info, about a year or so ago.

Again it is speculation on some peoples part, that these Gobeklii peoples were alive, witnessed and recorded a metor in the skys and then impacting Earth.

Other than the much smaller metor that exploded in Siberia a few years back and recorded on vidieo, I dont recall any human recordings of meteor impacts other than this potential picto-gpahic recording by the Gobeklii peoples.

Also I recounted the lady scientist who attempted to reproduce meteor impact pressures in lab and was surprised to find more complex molecules from less complex molecules.

Think about it. This site was dissmissed in 60’s i.e. we looked at it, disscussed and nothing of significance there. Then 30 years later they look again and find there is something of significance there.

2017 was a year ago. I’m revisting the info a year later. If I didnt state this previously I will state here now, we will know more in the future. Unless we do not look to increase our knowledge base.

Also the scenario I gave regarding European based Folsom Indiea migrating west to escape storm resultants of the meteor impact, meeting the Asian based Clovis peoples.

We will know more in the future and we should relook at those things that have looked at before. I gave example in another thread, regarding persistence pays off.

We may not grasp or have the whole/full picture first time we see something. Overtime I viewpoint changes or technologies change or little details we did not notice before or were not there before may appear it is important that we revisit information and information surrounding the focus of our intent.

I believe that was a PBS program and I have link to it somewhere around here.

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The point in directing you to the old thread wasn’t to say nothing more needed to be said, just that people might not want to repeat the same conversation, so you should be aware of it. That’s all.


I understand. None may respond to this thread except to state what you have made clear. Thanks for heads-up{?}. Whats another word for heads-up? Warning, caution? Put on notice?

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I would just say ‘heads-up.’ :slight_smile:


Sure thing Christy and thanks again. Now I’m more enlightened :flashlight: an anchored :anchor: to reality :+1:

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