Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple Discovered In Turkey

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There are other threads on the topic of who were the “sons of god”, who were the watchers of Enoch, and why is there no indication of a bottle neck in the genetic code indicated by the story of Noah and the Flood. The only alien mentioned in the Bible is human’s adversary, so no such thing as friendly aliens. Those humans created on day 6 had full knowledge of how the solar system works as they were in counsel with God on a wide variety of topics related to life in the universe. I am surprised that those who do not consider the Flood to be such a life changing event cannot help, but wonder how humans came to be in the stone age to begin with. Other than the notion that the Bible is wrong and humans were never advanced and had way more information before Noah, because there is no technology left behind indicating that they were more capable than we are. They did not need technology. That is only neccessary for those bound in the physical aspect of reality. Is there an unseen dimension where technology more advanced than ours thrives around us?

God gave the book of Genesis to Moses more than likely thousands of years after the Flood, on faith with nothing to varify it’s truth. Moses was royalty educted in the full knowledge the Egyptians had at the time. Perhaps it was not a total blind faith to Moses, and there was probably more proof given to Moses by God that was never put into the record. The Mesopotamians and Sumerians before them only had oral traditions handed down to them.


Would sure love to see chapter and verse where this is recorded.

Did Moses take dictation? You don’t think that Moses would have thought to mention that he was given the book by direct revelation from God? He didn’t seem to have any difficulty recording how God spoke to him in other instances.

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Since the advent of the church, it all comes down to the consensus of the group as a whole. I do not see the point in trying to prove something that another believer deems not correctly dividing the Word of God. I am not sure though if fallible men can truly convince other fallible men, which party is correct in their attempt to faithfully divide the Word. Logically it would be on the side of those who accept it as is, as opposed to those who think that humans just made it up for one reason or another. Perhaps the famous quote, “The truth is out there” should henceforth be changed to, “The truth is in the Word.”

I am sure though that the argument used will be, you were brained washed as a youth that Moses was the author of Genesis. That is wrong, because miraculously in the last 100 years give or take a century, smarter humans have figured out the Bible and ancient humans were just plain wrong about everything. Even Jesus should only be taken as a metaphorical teacher of ethics, and forget what the Word says or implies.

Since you are only asking for evidence and proof, and not convincing me that i am wrong, i guess we are at an impass.


So you accept a flat earth which the sun circles? That is what the Bible says. But wait, in this case you don’t accept it “as is” do you? All Biblical interpretation is fallible, yours and mine.

You have no idea what I was taught as a youth.

We have learned a lot about what people in the ANE knew and why would it be surprising that they were wrong about a lot of things. It is not because they were stupid but only limited in their means of acquiring knowledge about the natural world. The Babylonian astronomers developed a rather advanced mathematics they used to predict star movements using nothing but naked eye observation. They didn’t have to know what a star actually is or how far they are from earth to do so.

The purpose of the forum is to exchange ideas. No way am I trying to convince you that you are wrong.

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I do not see the Bible as describing a flat earth. In fact I understood the Bible to state the same shape of the earth that I experienced. It was not until much later in life that I found out there was a controversy about the misinterpretation of the Bible as it was used by some people who did only experience the earth as being flat. I will not deny them of their experience and understanding that they indeed thought the earth was flat, but I would say that they did not interpret the Bible correctly if they tried to use that as proof. In fact even the argument defies logic, because we do not even know if it was the Bible that made them think it was flat, their own interpretation of the earth they experienced or a conflation of misunderstanding from generation to generation. I think even the Greeks disagreed on the topic? Are we to think they used the Word of God as proof?

I was saying that the argument against me would be that I was brainwashed. I do not use that argument personally. If you do not, then I was going too far in pointing out my position.

I agree mostly with your assessment of the Babylonians. I still think they knew more than ee give them credit. They do go into more detail on the solar system which seems to indicate they knew the difference between stars and planets. But again we are looking at interpreting ancient accounts and we seem not to agree on what they did know. It seems to me their creation acvounts did not even mention the stars unless that was the list of unspecified yet named heavenly armies. Do not stars, archangels, and heavenly host shareva similiar concept of being under the control of God? I think though the point of most ANE creation accounts just dealt with the evolution of the solar system and only had an indirect connection with objects outside of the solar system. It seems feasible that there may have been two inhabited planets. One under control of Satan and the other under the control of Adam. It may sound far fetched, but i think that is what some of the earliest ANE accounts were trying to convey. All we get is that Satan condemned God of favoritism and limiting his abilty to do as he pleased. Is the point about a third of the stars, just about loosing a third of the planets in our solar system, and not a third of the universe as has been taught?