Finding Meaning In an Evil World

Many of you know my religious views and such .Im not kind into the faith anymore.However i struggle to find any meaning in this world. The wickedness ,the evil,the greed ,the hate all these attributes that consumes todays people and worst of all even our own people most of the times. I have made my views on God clear and its been a long time i departed from the church but hell sometimes i cant even imagine a meaning or an ending if theres not a God. Yet i cant reconsile the problem of evil and his omnipotence with us and the absolute freedom he gives to people to do horrible things.
Whats the meaning? Why is it matter>How do you find it ? Nichze says there is none and you have to create it.But what happens when that meaning gets takes away from you by other people or life?
What happens when the world has come to a point when you seee every value and ethic beign trappled down to the ground? What is Gods meaning anyways?


Everything about us is fallible including our ability to understand ourselves, why things are the way they are in the world or even how to ask who or what God is if He exists at all. Should we expect more of ourselves, I mean our ability to understand all that? It is hard to evaluate oneself impartially. So look around you at all the ways it is possible for people to mess up, be mislead and behave badly. It doesn’t look like being a human being is such a simple or obvious thing. So maybe we should start with less certainty about our assumptions and expectations, learn to seek to understand more humbly. We’re not entitled to understand everything so when insight comes be grateful. Make it feel welcome. Invite it to bring its friends. :wink:


That seems to me as an excuse.Its still everyone choise to not do that(Unless predistination holds true)

If we weren’t capable of making up meaning stories, would there still be Evil?

But who would that be excusing?

Anyone who wants to do evil really.

Its easy to blame circumstances for what we did or what we have done. That i understand .However i refuse to show sympathy to someone blaming “influence” .
Like a bad police officer doing a bad deed.Thats not circumstances that made him such.Its something else.

At least thats what i got from your comment.Its like an “excuse” for human evil.Sorry if i missunderstood

Good question. I dont know mever really thought of it.Whats your opinion?

Evolution has made us way smarter, way more sensitive than we need to be. And not enough. So we suffer disproportionately and wonder why. There is no reason why. There is no Good and no Evil in this life. Just goods and bads. If there is transcendence, there is only better.

I’d have to disagree on that one(although I really don’t understand the difference you are trying to make.

But you agree that there is no reason, so how can you disagree on what follows? I agree that doing harm and being unfair, which loops back and causes the harm, is bad and that we all need to do better. We are all privileged and therefore intrinsically bad. But not Evil. What’s that?

What do you mean by “meaning?” What seems important about it to you?
I just started reading Ecclesiastes today. That and other reading has not put me in the frame of mind to feel prepared to provide opinions I think are answers, but I am curious about what you believe you are seeking.

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To me it’s the same things that has always been important to you. Taking care of your loved ones, finding someone to spend your life with and doing your job well.

For me these are the things that are most important to me personally.

  1. Being here for my cats. I love them. I really enjoy laying in my bed or on my couch, or floor, and having both of them on me or in my arms holding them, or just snuggling up with them while watching horror films, botany videos or reading something.

  2. I’m here for my family. I’ve slacked on it. Starting this month we are going back to me and like 5-10 of my cousins and second cousins all getting together twice a month. One event is for those 18+ and the other is for those under that. 18+ is really just that we all may go to the movies and watch a R rated film. But most likely most of those will probably still be kid friendly stuff. In addition we are all going to start a new practice. At least 6 of us. If we all find a show we like, we will watch all the episodes on our own, but get together to watch the final episode. Even if that means some of us has to wait a few weeks or some of us have to not watch what we want and go through the show to catch up.

  3. Same thing as above but with friends front my local congregations.

  4. To focus on helping maintain the local environment by picking up trash, removing invasive plants.

  5. Find great podcasts to listen to while I’m working in the metal factory and lining out wonderful gardens and ponds to work with after that job.

  6. Try to simply enjoy life. Enjoy my meals, enjoy random chit chat with strangers, finding good movies to randomly watch, and supporting others by going to things I like such as comedy shows, magic shows and horror themed spots.

Those six things make up 99.99% of what makes my life fulfilling.

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Doesn’t matter anymore because that meaning was taken away from me. Call it life call it God call it people being evil that meaning is gone since the most it revolved around choose to hurt me and leave my life. So why does it matter?
I don’t have nothing important. But from the other hand it saddens me that I don’t have a meaning. Hense the topic. Yet I can’t find any

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Nick, I’m sorry that you have gone through so much evil from other people. Humans are regularly inexpressibly and needlessly cruel to each other, While we tend, in part, to understand our meaning coming from the connections to other people in our web of relationships, then our sense of meaning is fragile in its reliance on those relationships. It does help to to regain that sense, I think, to build new relationships or newly rebuild existing ones. But my claim might not ring true for every one else, and is dependent on one’s situation. I do think, though, that that sense of being alone in the world intensifies the feeling of meaninglessness.

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Seems everyone’s sorry but them😝.

Don’t want to sound like that nor do I want pitty but having no real relationships or any real people around and expecting nothing from them because they aren’t really there for you,plus having beign hurt by those who you though cared for you it’s so heartbreaking it really withers you down. You slowly lose any part of yourself and you feel lost. With no meaning whatsoever.

sure you can imagine an ending if there is no God. It is there and then. This is why God said that if you eat from that tree of realisation of good and evil you will die. as at that moment you shift your definition of the self into your physical self. It is from that moment on that we try to project our self onto someone else to anchor upon and thus become dependent on those anchors trying to identify ourselves outside our physical self for stability. The problem arises when those anchors move away from us as it destabilises our position. For that reason Jesus emphasises the importance of loving God first of all as the only stable anchor for reality as he is the unmoved mover, the only stable fixpoint and the only thing we can therefore relate meaning to, whatever happens, as it can not be taken away.

I am not familiar enough with your views on God to understand your position but would recommend a rational approach as it is subject to logic, thus can be argued independent of personal experiences. The one thing that is important in that context is to learn that the love of God is not based on getting what we want but on what is needed, unlike the love we perceive from others based on their attempt to fulfil our wishes as often we build a network based on the latter.

I have to admit that it’s easy to talk about that once you have gone down the rabbit hole once and been granted a second go through no fault of your own, as it makes you much more aware of the grace of existing in the first place which beats all evil. without that grace I could not experience love and gratitude, so why not see the meaning of your existence in helping others to find that. Unfortunatelly I don’t know your physical strength, but what about becoming a volunteer rickshaw driver for your local old peoples home or hospice to get other people on the move as in

so it might need translation


It happens. Makes us all the more able and willing to act out evil on each other, when we don’t have to deal with the resulting problems and damage ourselves. “I have what I want out of this. The collateral damage is his problem.”
Still, there are other people in the world who recognize that what’s happend and happening to you is lousy.

Sure. Who wants to sign up for another round of cruelty and abandonment and everything that follows? (Well, I understand there are actually people who feel that does something for them, but I honestly don’t understand THAT at all.)

Yeah. Who wants to sign up for another heaping helping of nihilism? “Once bitten, shame on you; twice bitten, shame on me.”

Like I said, I’ve just started reading Ecclesiastes the other day. It has always been one of my favorite OT books. I appreciate the authors clear vision and honesty. Life doesn’t come pre-loaded with meaning. It’s exactly NOT what we want to hear, but there it is. It’s an old, old question, that will be around as long as there are humans. In spite of that, most of us are able to find meaning in a number of very human ways, I hope you do eventually, and sooner rather than later. It’s got to be a long, hard slog, feeling the way you do.


it could ve been worse,that i know of. But still by thinking that some have it harder than me doesnt seem to make the problem go away.

I had a meaning and it was taken away as ive said before. Now i dont .I dont really find anything else that gives me meaning.Tried lots of different activities,lots of different people and even found out some to hang out on some daily baisis but thats it.No real connections,no close relationships no trust,not dependance nothing.Not really anyone to have deep conversations anymore no.Just faces spending my time with as life goes by. After the people i cared the most left out of my life ive feel lonely even though i do have enough interactions. I just dont feel someone is there for me.Nor someone to care for. Just myself. A lot of times i though of making revenge my only purpose of life(you know what else do i got) and really give a lesson to those who hurt me but not only that makes me drained out but it seems that life itself is conspiring against me not beign able to do such thing

And thats where God comes in.From the one hand im mad at him for lots of things that went wrong in my life and for things like the problem of evil etc etc which i cant wrap my mind around .Yet from the other hand if there isnt a God then whats life?Whats the meaning of all of this?Did i get trough this much for nothin gonly in the end to realize that theres nothing beyond,and that some people wont get judgded by what they did ? That is depressing as f** and i dont want to go down this rabithole again.
I might be wrong though

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Absolutely. I find advice to compare my problems with worse ones only condemning, not encouraging. “At least your kid made it through this alive,” would have been really cold comfort to me and my family at our worst time. Suffering is real and affects the sufferer deeply. Such comparisons only add guilt to the pain.

What I meant to express to you is that there are people who understand that what you have gone through and are going through is lousy. Even if the people who treated you horribly feel no remorse, there are others who empathize.

For real, I don’t know if anyone can wrap their head around it. I’ve tried. It’s a loose end. I still have faith, but I don’t have easy answers, and probably none that would satisfy your questions.

I don’t blame you. It’s not a good place to be.
Do you have any ways you can think of, that might help you avoid the rabbit hole?

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Havent found those yet :grin:

Its alright ,i guess i have to make my own peace with God.

Well if im occupied with work and hobbies im generaly so tired that i dont have time to think any of it. However since its summer and dont have work i have all the time on this earth to pretty much think of it.Generally hobbies and going out make me forget.But since im in the same city these things occured and still see some of the people it odesnt help much. Will try to move out though. But yeah generally those 2 help me out.However on the weekends when i have time i still think these in my head

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