Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom

This is really heartbreaking, especially the video! Can we learn before it’s too late?

“It’s hard to watch the pandemic drag on as Americans refuse the vaccine in the name of freedom,”

Watch: Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom

You should be able to access this, but if not, I’d be happy to email the article to you.

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I sometimes, maybe not enough, wonder what I am missing when I see things from only one view. I am currently an “unvaccinated” individual. I am listening to people on both sides of the issue and most of all praying for guidance from the One who knows best.


Indeed. What are you missing when you listen to a trained medical doctor? Junk science maybe?
And did you watch the video?

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Hi, nosred, and welcome to the forum.

Could it be that the One who knows best is providing you with answers through those who have been blessed to be able to study creation and how it works?


Pretty sure Dr Fauci has already weighed in on this. :wink:

But welcome aboard and please do protect yourself and community.


There is no doubt God would want us to be vaccinated if he is indeed a caring father who knows best. It’s like praying to go’s should you jump off 20 story building or take the stairs or of you should wear your buckle in your child or not when driving.

We know God is not against health and welfare. He trained the Jews up , especially the priests, on regulations of someone is sick and how long to leave the camp and so on.

One very influential New Testament writer is Luke who is considered a physician.

We see Paul giving Timothy basic medical advice for his upset stomach.

We know God supports knowledge. The Bible is full of talking about wisdom almost to the point of literary personhood .

So we can know for sure that if the overwhelming majority of medical experts and scientists who focus on pathogens are all saying to get the vaccine and we know that the entire world just dropped a lot of resources on vaccines , and ect… that it’s safe. I am vaccinated. Nothing happened. Not even a headache. A hour after getting vaccinated I was hiking.

The majority of people who get vaccines are perfectly fine. Statistically speaking the chances of you getting sick from the vaccine carries far less pain and suffering on s personal level, and a global level, than you getting covid.


Thank you and I hope he (Dr. Fauci) does.

I am very glad to hear you didn’t have any side effects. That is awesome.

Surprise! It looks like God was interested in laws protecting people from disease:

Verse of the day: Leviticus 13:45–46:

“Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes,

let their hair be unkempt,

cover the lower part of their face, <--------------

(Heb. literally says “cover on their lip”)

and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’

As long as they have the disease they remain unclean.

They must live alone; <--------------

they must live outside the camp." <--------------

In other words,


(No vaccines were available)


Great question…I am listening to the Holy Spirit first and foremost.

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Got it! Makes sense.

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Listening to trained medical doctors on both sides.

Did you actually read/listen to the post?

One of the confusing things has been --which doctor is trained? Well, the anti- vax folks typically are docs that don’t have training in infectious disease, immunology, or epidemiology. You see cardiologists, ophthalmologists, and family docs in the “Front Line” group. In contrast, the CDC and NIH, including the founder of Biologos, Francis Collins, have extensive training–decades beyond what I would have (as a family doc).

Does that help?

Grateful for your input.


Thank you Randy! I do appreciate your input.
Yes, people with training in infectious disease and epidemiology are who I have tried to listen to. What I find interesting is that they are hard to find with the censorship in social media and main stream news…ugh…whatever happened to having your own view (based on credible information) and it being valued? Guess Jesus ran into the same thing during His time on earth.
Thank you again Randy.

Welcome. I appreciate your kind attitude.
I disagree, however. To my knowledge, those who have been quashed are not just asking questions–they are asserting as truth, things that have been not only debunked, but dangerous. If you look at their credentials, they are not trained, either. I have an acquaintance who touts her PhD as a reason for opposing vaccines, pasteurized milk, and other mistaken ideas–but her degree is not in that area. More importantly, as the Bible says (Matt 10: 24 and Luke 6:40) a pupil is not greater than his teacher. If you look up the people who assert these things, they even disagree (as my friend does) with their teachers, who have much more training and research than they do. .

Another I know of has had 2 weeks of informal training with OSHA, yet rejects all that OSHA has said about masks–though she has no degree.

Humbly asking questions is appropriate, but asserting things as fact where one has no training, especially when they endanger lives, is reprehensible. I strongly urge you to go to CDC and NIH for information. CDC has excellent information and research available (see the MMWR newsletters on the site, for example).



There’s nothing wrong with having your own view, even if it concerns stuff like alien abductions. There’s plenty wrong with sharing an unfounded view that puts other people in danger. Did you bother to watch the video? It shows that dangerous and false views are literally killing people.

The trouble is social media contains both credible sources and the sometimes well articulated opinions of those who are simply passing on the opinions of others which they are unqualified to evaluate. If ones own view originated in misinformation it isn’t just as good as anyone else’s, it is just as untrustworthy as the source. There really are such things as credible sources and expert opinions. When we forget or never learn how to recognize the best sources society can quickly devolve into chaos and mob rule.


I work with lots of infectious disease doctors and researchers (I’m one of the latter), as well as epidemiologists and public health workers of all sorts. I know of exactly zero who aren’t in favor of vaccination – and who aren’t vaccinated themselves. This isn’t an issue where there is scientific controversy: there is an overwhelming consensus and there are a handful of people out on the fringe.


Thank you Steve.

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