Does Cell-Building Require Intelligence?


Notice the allusion to Scripture–hinting that rejectng “GodsBiology” is like rejecting Christ.

(Thomas W. Rogers) #82

Example of God’s macro-evolution (other than His micro-evolution): “Evolving” a fuzzy Crawling worm into a beautiful Flying butterfly in a matter of days, not millions of years. Of course there is no intelligence involved in this amazing work.

(Mitchell W McKain) #83

Nope. No more than there is intelligence involved in the transition from childhood in puberty. It is a flood of chemicals (hormones) released into the body not intelligence. And the result is to activate adaptations learned over millions of years most of which have helped the species to survive, though some are simply the creative results of variations without significant impact on survival either way.

Like I said, you can look up the devices produced by evolutionary algorithms proving the superiority of evolution over design by intelligent engineers. But none of this means that God is not the creator of living things. It is just a matter of understanding the true nature of living things as self-organizing entities responding to an environment which can include farmers, shepherds, and teachers. Also God remains the designer of the laws nature which make life possible. It is just this idea of designing living things which must be discarded as incompatible with the nature of life. Thus His role is more that of the mother bird preparing the nest and then taking care that the chicks have everything they need to learn and grow.

Furthermore, rather than being evidence of a malign or inept designer, the myriad of terrible of diseases which plague us are a matter of our own responsibility and medical technology rather than being an exception to the evolutionary process is actually a part of it.

(Haywood Clark) #84

My name’s not Richard.

How about answering my question instead of moving the goalposts?

Irrelevant. My point is that the formulae have nothing to do with ATOMS.

(Haywood Clark) #85

Are you aware that individual creatures do not evolve? You seem to be making multiple, fundamental mistakes in your characterizations of evolution.


After 31 years of research you still don’t know the difference between evolution across generations and changes in gene expression within a single organism?

(Richard Wright) #87

Hello Thomas,

Absolutely. Myself, like the vast majority in the history of humanity, have seen an intelligence behind creation. My issue the the ID movement (and I don’t know if you feel you represent it or not, I concede that I haven’t read every post here) is that, “intelligence” to them means something on earth had to be created instantly from nothing by God, rather than having the objectivity to see the intelligence behind a universe that could evolve such complicated entities.

(Mitchell W McKain) #88

If we follow GodsBiology’s typical rhetoric, we would then point out that medical technology comes from intelligence. In this he would be quite correct. So intelligence CAN have a part in evolution? Sure. It just doesn’t follow that evolution requires an intelligent designer.

Many probably think that the evolutionists would say that intelligence only comes from survival of the fittest, and perhaps some of them might think this. But they would be wrong. Surely we can agree that the most basic requirement of human intelligence is the neuron. And the neuron is NOT just a product of “survival of the fittest” but actually quite the opposite. The neuron cannot survive on its own so if it was every cell for itself there would be no neurons but only protozoa. Neurons only developed because a community of cells protected the weak and thus allowed a greater variation in what types of cells could live as part of the community. The same thing happened in human civilization when the community protected the weaker members and thus allowed a greater variety of individuals to live as part of their community.

Thus protecting the weak and supporting a diversity of thought and lifestyles is the foundation of specialization and technology. This includes the communication technology which created the web of information exchange on which we are now having this discussion – much like the web of information exchange in the human nervous system. So this rather than survival of the fittest is responsible for both intelligence and the medical technology by which we can handle those terrible diseases which plague us.


It really comes down to the development of tissues. When different cells were able to take on specialized roles it increased the overall fitness of the organism. This applies equally to neurons, lungs, hearts, gills, immune cells, gut cells, and so on.

(Thomas W. Rogers) #90

Thank you Richard.
The new science we are working on and calling “atomic biology”, goes further than just intelligent design of living things, to the essential super-intelligent physical work with atoms to build complex cell-parts, cells and us.
Like most sciences, it is not “new” to our Creator as He has probably been using this from the beginning.
When you consider thoroughly the details of what has to happen at each cell construction site, you realize there are many decisions (what kind of cell to build next – nerve cell, muscle cell, blood cell, vessel cell, eye part cell, ear part cell, what part of the cell to build first, second, third, etc.); choices (where to perforate the necessary adjacent blood vessel in order to access the essential “building-block” atoms, which elemental atoms to choose first, second, etc. in the right sequence, how many of each to select and count, etc.); precision physical works with the right numbers of the right atoms (precisely placing and fastening the atoms, building and programming the bases etc. for the DNA and RNA, building all the necessary molecular machines [that the 2016 Nobel Prize Winners do not have enough intelligence for], wiring the parts properly so that the instructions for each machine can be conducted; adding “life” to the inanimate assembled atoms to make the cell function; building nerve connections to conduct pain signals to the brain if there is an injury; doing correct repair work in the cell where and when necessary, or total replacement of the cell when necessary. E.g. approx. 2.3 million new replacement red blood cells are built for a 150 lb. male every second 24/7 (you can ratio this number to your own weight).
This is the kind of super-intelligent work we are studying.
We believe it is now proven that mankind, even with all our vast accumulation of knowledge and sophisticated equipment, we have nowhere near enough intelligence to construct even the simplest molecular machine for a cell.
We also believe that evolution, claiming to use no intelligence at all, is, in reality, falsified as the cause of “Life”.
We realize this is a bold statement is not yet understood by many, but it does reflect “where the evidence leads”.
In our latest book, “Darwin’s Replacement”, we quote him from “On the Origin…” where he said, “…the works of the Creator are (superior) to those of man.” Darwin, Charles, “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”, 1st edition, 1859, p.189, John Murray, London, Eng., available online from .


Why is it that when I forget to add Taq polymerase to my PCR I don’t get tons of DNA strands of the same length? Why is it that I do get those DNA strands when I do add Taq polymerase?

How do you explain the results of that experiment?

(Thomas W. Rogers) #92

I would say that your intelligence helped you decide to supply the right materials for building those strands, and that they would not be built without the right materials being available. You have shown that random or unsuitable materials will not be used for construction.


You forgot to mix in intelligence! Try adding essential oils next time.


My intelligence tells me that I am supplying the right materials for a protein called Taq polymerase to make the DNA, not some super-intelligence. It is a dumb protein that builds the DNA.


Imagine what you could do with a really smart one.


It would definitely make my day a lot easier. All I would have to do is hold up a picture of the project I wanted done and say, “Hey Taq polymerase, go build this plasmid for me!”. Come to think of it, that might put me out of a job since that is what my boss tells me to do.

(Randy) #97

Mr Rogers,

Do you belong to an organization, then? Thanks.

(Thomas W. Rogers) #98

Yes Randy, Reality Research & Development Inc. and The Atomic Biology Institute.


What type of lab set up do you guys have?

(Mitchell W McKain) #100

In the long run, community and cooperation is the better strategy for survival. But this doesn’t change the fact that this is only discovered because the community protects the weaker member and thus makes it possible for there to be variations which cannot survive on their own. Thus social Darwinism is proven to be utterly wrong and evolution DOES NOT favor evil over good as apparently some have come to think.