Created man in God's image... (But God could have infinite images)

God sent Jesus in a human form - a form man looked like at THAT time.

HOWEVER, future genetic modifications could (for arguments sake) have man with two brains, four eyes, three legs etc.

Man in the future could look completely different from now, but still be in God’s image. If God had decided to send Jesus in 3000AD, he could look different from the one God sent in the bible, but it would still have a soul.

Is this a fair argument? (Just like aliens from another planet could look nothing like us but still have souls). Or they could have their own method of salvation that brings them to God.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what man looks like in the future, God would still see him as having a soul and capable of salvation.


That’s why I prefer the psychological model of man as a mirror (seen dimly) of Elohim’s image.
Father = Will, plan,impetus
Son = Action (arm, hand) doing in the created cosmos
Spirit - Emotions, love, the ineffably “unseen” spiritual “spark” that energizes the intelligence.

No matter what the body may be or become, the image is still the same.

Obviously Elohim has infinitely multiple attributes to his image, which we’ll never see. But I chose this set.

Please read my post at My Prayer for what We are doing here.

Blessings, Ray :sunglasses:

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An informative response.

I asked because I’m doing an apologetics video series in Chinese for non-believers in China. They say genetic advances will make the Chinese people invincible in 50 years, or improve them. Even though physical improvements can me made, spiritual changes are up to God.

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Thanks, Gary. Blessings on your work!

Okay, so the we have to look forward to millions of genetically enhanced ravening-atheistic communist warriors? I think that might be somewhere in Revelation. And, yes, they would be n the Image of Elohim as well. (Work fast buddy!):sunglasses:

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I think if they become smarter through DNA modifications, they will give up atheism and start believing in God.

But yes, I believe God can assume ANY image.

It would almost be chonological-ism or era-ism to suggest otherwise.

Oh, Gary. when is smarter wiser? Einstein was obviously one of, if not the smartest man (at least it physics) yet he was at most a Deist. You may be right that a DNA enhanced person might figure things out. However history is replete with geniuses that live their lives outside the boundaries of moral, ethical, and just plain good sense “because” they feel they are superior!
In fact, I would bet that their DNA program will start producing an abundance of both functional and non-functional autism and/or Asperger’s syndrome.

I have been in counseling for mental health issues for a number of years. My psychologist explained that our brain & intelligence factors are like a circle. As you go around the circle towards intelligence, you soon meet mental illness and/or dysfunction of one type or another coming back at you! I believe it!

Such is the image of God in a limited mis-functioning created/evolved being!

All the more reason for you to get off the Forum and get to work! :sweat_smile:
(with all due respect and awe of your mission!)

Ray :sunglasses:


I would disagree. As we further understand DNA, we will overcome problems like functional autism and Aspergers. We can use science to unlock man’s potential, although I agree it could have negative repercussions.

I see no reason why science won’t overcome diseases, and lead to morphologically enhanced and even more evolved humans than now, that may look different from today.

I am on my work. I am also on the forum. I like both. You do, too.

Gazza (白龍)

Ha! Gotcha there! I am happily semi-retired. And this is my work today;. It is my sabbath! (or was until a few minutes ago).
Yes I do! I am ecstatic being here after being gone for years (afore mentioned issues).

It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.

I pray we can learn together from the knowledge shared by others on this forum.

One of the presenters at the last BioLogos conference worked on Chinese apologetics. You should check out his website, maybe he has some materials that could be of use to you in this project.