A Prayer for What We Are Doing Here

(Ray Bailey) #1

This morning I had just topped up reading a few forums. Then I started reading Psalms. I became very aware of my own inadequacies, and how “proud” I felt being part of the BioLogos Forum and giving my responses.
I was reminded that

So here is my prayer.

"Dear YHWH Elohim, please accept my humble heart. I am talking of things that you have revealed in both science and scripture, yet I also feel that I know nothing of import and are dealing with high and mighty things beyond my comprehension. Please help me to more aware that the things I speak have everlasting consequences for people who read what I say. May I be gracious and yet forthright. May I distinguish between my opinion versus what you have impressed upon me. May I be slow to disagree, quick to be forgiving, understanding, patient, and sympathetic to those with whom I disagree.
May the result of this Forum be the increasing of Your Glory in these days and times.
In the name of the Father, YHWH, the Son Yeshua, and Ruach haQodesh, Elohim almighty

Join me if you wish!

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(Ray Bailey) #2

Is there an Amen in the house?:innocent:

(Christy Hemphill) #3

Posts need to be 11 characters. So we can’t just give you an ‘amen.’ I’m pretty sure ‘like’ means ‘amen’ in this context.

(Ray Bailey) #4

Yep. Church language translated to Web…:sunglasses: