Community programs on science-faith topics?

Just thinking while looking over some of the Biologos resources. It seems that while I have suggested a few to the church leadership, even those who are sympathetic to EC are hesitant to use any of them, and indeed hesitant to bring but science faith issues in churches that lean conservative. And who can blame them, as we know about a third of the congregation are at least Sunday YEC folk, and some of them are pretty rabid. Not to mention their careers and livelihood are on the line.
Therefore, perhaps it is more appropriate to move the discussion out to the general community where there is less at stake for the participants. Something like the Alpha program, if you are familiar with that. In fact, it could integrate an Alpha program into it.
Have any of you had experience in a freestanding lay led group in the community? What challenges do you think there would be?
There are a lot of existing resources on this site that could be incorporated, but would there be interest in development of a formal program and perhaps training for leaders similar to what Alpha has?

Lisa @Lstrite did an Origins book club with her homeschool co-op, so outside of church: Seminar on Origins (Haarsmas) for my CC group, need advice! - #21 by DennisVenema

Here is her blog with all the materials she developed:

You are not alone. I struggled with the same issue in my church. We had a Bible study on Creation. They were hard core. They would only discuss anything on Creation. In order to bring in skeptics who are Professional geologists, chemists, physicists and computer scientists , I desperately attempted to change the groups name from Creationists to Science and Faith forum, I failed because if you mention the name Creation, you will be ostracized, ridiculed and shut down and labelled as Antiabortionist, homophobic bigot etc. This battle still continues. As a result, this Creation group died. There is no one to engage the evolutionist skeptics with a challenge.

Well I participated in the Alpha program in another church. It is very popular and well designed. Every church must be involved in this simple. well arranged curriculum which will certainly help the the skeptics to think and the thinkers to believe.

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