Chewing gum that survived the Flood!

Oh look, archaelologist have recreated the genome of a child who lived 5700 years ago.

It’s an article from 2019, but I am once again impressed by what scientists can know based on such an insignificant seeming artifact.

I love science.

What news have you stumbled on recently that you can point to and tell people there was no global flood in 2348 BCE?


Well, it not something that I’ve stumbled on recently, but YECs stumble on it every time because I have yet to see one even attempt to address it – they mostly close their eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist. I haven’t even seen any try and explain it away using any kind of psuedoscience. But it does have the same kind of off-the-wall surprise and appeal as Mesolithic chewing gum. :grin:

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Really neat find!

I’ve always been a bit fascinated (as well as creeped out) by gruesome discovery of Ötzi the Iceman. I’m not sure how he could have been frozen for a thousand years and then somehow stayed frozen through a global flood.

(Of course, as a YEC I was basically trained to respond that all dating methods are bogus.)

ETA: I enjoy watching true crime stories, and it’s amazing what kinds of things that have been solved through DNA analysis – if we consider these generally trustworthy (barring error or corruption), then it seems it would be harder to say every analysis beyond a few thousand years ago is bogus.

as always things are not what they seem.

  1. How was it determined that it was 5700 years ago…verses the flood being about 4500 years ago? Does that 1k years or so really prove YEC wrong (I do not think it does given evolution has date variations in the millions of years which doesnt seem to be a problem apparently)

  2. As it was dug up out of the ground, why could this not come from a preflood individual…is there some rule that says we cant find artefacts preflood? (I note the dinosaur dig in the US where a Seventh Day Adventist scientist has excavated fossils of large animals that is just a few metres below current ground level)

  3. Dont you find it uncanny that this research just happens to support the idea of migration from further south…ie nearer to the Biblical region from where Noah and his family left the Ark?

  4. The Iceage is not an issue for YEC…we believe that supports the flood aftermath rather than discredits the account.

  5. “Additional archaeological work has shown that the era was one of transition. Flaked stone tools and T-shaped antler axes gave way to polished flint artifacts, pottery and domesticated plants and animals.” This observation by the scientists supports the biblical model that man was not primative such that his only intellectual capabilities at the time was “hunter gatherer” (this is a secular evolutionary claim…it is not supported biblically)

  6. If eating duck and hazel nuts is evidence for hunter gatherer…then we have a lot of hunter gatherers in western society today…that is not evidence for anything more than what her last meal was. My grandfather ate oysters for his last meal before he passed away…does that make him a hunter gatherer? I think not!

As a YEC, i find the following very interesting…

" Satisfied that genetic signatures of ancient oral microbes were preserved in the woman’s gum, the researchers investigated the specific species of bacteria and other microbes. Most were run-of-the-mill microflora like those still found in most human mouths. Others stood out, including bacterial evidence for gum disease and Streptococcus pneumoniae , which can cause pneumonia today and is responsible for a million or more infant deaths each year. Epstein-Barr virus, which more than 90 percent of living humans carry, was also present in the woman’s mouth. Usually benign, the virus can be associated with serious diseases like infectious mononucleosis, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple sclerosis."

The above suggests an individual much like ourselves.

No, but the Bible does.

This is what the LORD says: If I have not established my covenant with the day and the night and the fixed laws of heaven and earth
Jeremiah 33:25

Source paper for the OP

A 5700 year-old human genome and oral microbiome from chewed birch pitch

Radiocarbon dating of the specimen yielded a direct date of 5,858–5,661 cal. BP , which places it at the onset of the Neolithic period in Denmark.

Dating by Michael W. Dee, Centre for Isotope Research, University of Groningen

Seriously? From where do you think migration would happen after an ice age? The North Pole?


But carbon dating is useless if you’re in denial about Jeremiah 33:25.

Finally! Someone other than we Americans has been chewing gum in Europe!

What a neat article. I am always impressed by the creative problem solving that goes into research like this. It’s astonishing how much information can be gathered from a gob of tar, too.

Thanks, Christy.


Ahh yes - but is that gum still chewable? Surely somebody couldn’t resist the temptation to set a new record for resurrecting a piece of gum?


Oooooooh…yuck. I might find some competition under the pews at our church, though.


Of course it does. It was only 5700 years ago. Modern Homo sapiens have existed on the planet for over 150,000 years.


I can’t resist.

After 5,700 years, does your chewing gum lose it’s flavor? And is it still chewable?


It’s not terribly recent news, but the Great Pyramid of Giza is older than that (c. 2570 BC). As are a bunch of mud-brick structures and tablets all over the world that would have turned into liquid mud.


Although I doubt anything can convince people like this, looking into it has shown me some interesting scientific discoveries. One is right near where I live called the Green River formation which shows a clear winter-summer alternation of sediment deposits with fossils for over 5 million years between 53.5 and 48.5 million years ago. It is only a snapshot out the evolutionary record. Though the inconsistencies found here with YEC and flood rhetoric are rather blatant and significant. To have these layers formed in a single global flood of 300 days duration would have these layers forming at a rate of 3 layers every 2 seconds.

It reminds me of the discovery of pulsars which have periods that fast. And that took some pretty bizarre physics to explain. But a formation of sedimentary layers with that frequency is just absurd.


And then, more ubiquitously, are unsorted layers with distinct environments of origin, all containing organisms that lived for multiple decades, stacked on top of each other over 10 deep. I have better things to do with my time than attempt to compile an exhaustive list (essentially, such is anywhere that has a non-lithified non-leached section of marine shell hash deposits over 3 meters thick), but a few examples include the SC Rock Goretown Mine, APAC Sarasota Pit, and the Lee Creek Phosphate Mine (or whatever it’s officially called now). And all of those layers are on top of the last dinosaurs, and are vast majority marine organisms, with a bit of freshwater and tiny bit of terrestrial intersperced.


One summer when I was a camp counselor and staff person the guys in my cabin (8th-9th graders) did a skit where someone sticks some gum to a chair and someone else finds it and starts chewing, then leaves it stuck to a park bench and someone else finds it, and so on through seven different guys where the last one leaves the gum back where it was at the start at which point the first gum chewer notices it and says, “Hey, my gum!” and proceeds to pluck it from the chair and chew it.
What they didn’t tell me before they went on stage to perform was that they’d decided that to make it realistic they would use actual gum rather than pretending!

When the camp director found out he commented to me, “Now that’s a serious bonding exercise!”


sorry Dale, but you are going to have to explain the above…im not seeing support for your point in Jeremiah 33.25

Your quoted text (and indeed the whole chapter when taken in the proper context) is talking about the coming destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians, then goes on to basically say that if the israelites stay faithful to God, then a son of David will always sit on the throne, however, if they do not, then his lineage will cease to do so. The day night covenant is not about evolution nor does it in any way support Old Earth interpretations…generally, scholars state that the duration of the captivity in Babylon represents a year for each sabbath rest that they did not give the land as instructed by Moses after leaving Egypt. The interesting thing about this chapter is that it is also directly linked with the Book of Daniel, which is directly linked with the book of Revelation…which are both linked to Hebrews, which also links back to Moses and the Tabernacle and its services and these link back to the promise made to Eve in the garden of Eden after the fall. The Sanctuary service is all about the atonement for sin…it pointed forward to the death of Christ. Clearly these are a big theological problem if one is attempting to call this allegorical.

Anyway, a Cross reference for Jeremiah 33:20 for example is Genesis 8:22While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

This passage and the Babylonian captivity relationship with resting the land every 7 years is actually further evidence that proves that Moses account is not an allegory…its a real historical account.

You are barking up the wrong tree with this chapter of Jeremiah and that claim (unless you are going to attempt to deny the Babylonian captivity and its duration?)

I dont think you understand the point…the point is, an ice age is better supported by a global flood than an unkown event. At least with YEC, we have a historical record telling us how it happened. People wrote this record based on world history as they knew it. You only claim that this historical must be wrong because 4000 years later secular science interpretation doesn’t align with it. YEC scientists find that the global flood is well supported by science and they have increasingly found evidence to support the Biblical account and that maintains harmony with the theology of the Bible as well. That is the problem here, one cannot call themselves Christian when they do not believe in Christ and his beliefs. Christ died a real physical death on the cross, and this death was specifically as atonement for the wages of sin for all mankind. That is the bible in a nutshell. One who follows the Bible cannot deny this…you cannot claim the wages of sin is only a spiritual death…Christ died phsycially for it!

We know a great deal about the ice ages. We also know that there was no discontinuity impacting the entire globe for tens of millions of years.

History tells us that that 4000 years ago, the pyramids were already old. History is not a friend to YEC.

The Septuagint dates the flood at 3298 BC.