ChatGPT and education

I recently read through some social media conversations between college professors and other teachers about detecting essays written by ChatGPT and the potential changes they may have to make while teaching and grading. I hadn’t even heard of it until then, but apparently it’s an AI that has the ability to write essays, based on prompts you give it, that often appear to apply well to the topic.

I’m curious whether any of the teachers/professors here have had any encounters with it or have had to talk to students about it? It seems like a major way that science and ethics will have to overlap, especially those in Christian schools who have all the more reason to expect honesty from students.

Here’s an article about a school district that’s had to ban access to it:

My father said that based on his testing it a bit, the results essentially looked like a competent student plagiarizing Wikipedia (i.e., grammatically correct, topic right, etc.).

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Interesting…so maybe some topics will be easier to catch if the content is too close to Wikipedia. I heard there was already a tool out there to try and detect whether ChatGPT was used, but I bet it will be trickier than an ordinary plagiarism case.