Casual fellowship

Yesterday I felt so inclined to say - but piked - “God bless you” in departing the nurse who administered my Covid booster.

She absolutely displayed the fruit of the Spirit, in the midst of a clinic that was running very close to the edge.

She also wore a hijab.

I face this regularly due to where I live. I think we worship the same God. Differences matter, but, perhaps in the face of widespread unbelief, we believers could conditionally express united fellowship in the one true God?



Absolutely! I love praying with and for folks of other (or no) religion. I grew up in a Muslim country, and 99% of our neighbors loved it, too!
In med school, I joined the salat with a friend, and he came to our Bible study. We also talked over the meaning of the Shema with an Jewish student newly returned from her kibbutz in Israel. I also did Azoumi (fasting) for a little. We did Christian fasts as well. I miss that in our little town.
Good for you!


On the other hand, this was discussed back a little while.

Attributes matter.

Football matters.

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Or not. XD

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Apropos? Spurgeon p.m.

Well, my dad had a football-themed Christmas tree this year. 🤷

Sometimes I think it’s best just to let things run their course!

I have ordered a copy of Is Christmas Unbelievable (Rebecca McLaughlin) to check it out, with a view to slipping it in many family Christmas presents next year.

If I may ask, what country?

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Niger, West Africa. I have great memories of the people there.


Yes, the God of Abraham. But that doesn’t sit well here.

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Football doesn’t matter to ME. But it does to a lot of people. My only spectator sport is Go – I watch commentators discussing professional games.

Attributes? Yes and no. Theology, philosophy, and language matter to me more than football. But I am wary of artifacts of language in theology and philosophy. But the point is that for most people they matter no more than football does to me. If you look for your salvation in attributes then you are on even more shaky ground than looking for salvation in scripture (John 5:39).

I posted this in another thread but thought it fit better with this discussion about the fruit of the spirit in those of a different religion.

I don’t see why our religion or religious opinions matters more than what spectator sports we like to watch.

The imagined god of Abraham to many, kind of like the imagined god Thor.

If you look for your salvation to a false god with imagined attributes, then…

The Spirit was absolutely not necessarily the source, however. Anyone can be kind, for instance. (I wish my words were more so, especially online.) It results from common grace, more common in some circles and societies than others.

Jesus was known to commend the faith of non-Jews.

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For their faith in the non-imaginary God.

Neat I plan to take a trip to Africa one day, though I am not sure where exactly, maybe Nigeria, I know Ethiopia is on my list of countries to visit and I hear Kenya is a pretty popular destination.

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if you make it all about those attributes then you look for salvation in attributes and the false god of your own knowledge and understanding.

if you make it all about the superior knowledge of God compared to your own then you look for salvation in the real God beyond your understanding.

Um, I didn’t? I made it about the reality of God (he’s not Thor).

How do you know reality without knowing real attributes?

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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