Anybody Home? Arguments for and Against the Empty Tomb

Peace of Christ, everyone!

How would you argue that the tomb was found empty, and how might people respond?


I would rely on the testimony of eyewitnesses. Those against the followers of Jesus did not deny that the tomb was empty, they tried to tell that the disciples had robbed the body from the tomb.

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The rational argument against is a conspiracy IN GOOD WILL by Jesus’ followers.

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A good book that refutes the conspiracy theory theory is Born Again by Charles Colson of Watergate infamy and a key player in the scandal. He says that if our Lord’s resurrection was a conspiracy to fool the masses, Christianity wouldn’t have happened. The few Watergate conspirators who were among the most powerful men in Washington couldn’t even hold that tiny conspiracy together, let alone if a large number had been involved in trying to perpetuate the plot.

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I think that it was most likely empty. The problem is not if it was empty or not but how did it become empty. I think for that it comes down to faith. Eye witness accounts are great but only go so far. Victims of crimes have wrongly accused the wrong person. We also have tons of people who legitimately seem to believe they’ve seen Bigfoot. We also see cases of cults who believe something so far to the point they commit mass suicide. Islam is based off of a guy who believes an Angel approached him, and so is Judaism essentially.

So the best bet is to have faith.

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Absolutely. But it is not just blind faith – there is all kinds of evidence, including personal experience, some of it even empirically observable by others. (All knowledge is based on testimony of one kind or another.)

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For me blind faith versus whatever other faith someone wants to call it is just the same for me when it comes to events thousands of years ago with no scientific evidence for it. I have no reason to personally trust Paul, or the Bible over the spiritual leaders of other faiths with events from that time ago. But if it makes someone feel better saying their faith is no blind it’s perfectly fine. I use too. I now have dropped it and just use the term faith because all my reasons for why I believe is philosophical based and not science based.

(When I referred to empirical evidence I was not referring scientific empirical evidence.)

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And the magician’s hat is empty of the rabbit.

Definitely a classic in stage magic.

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