Answered Prayers in Life

Hello everyone. I would love to hear your stories on how God directly answered your prayers in life and how you knew it was Him who did it.

While nothing major has happened yet in terms of prayer. There have been times in confusion and distress even as of now with my recent revival of faith I have heard the Lord give me words of comfort and faith and all worry and anxiety fades away and the peace of God remains. There have been times when praying with family members health and healing in which the next day or so they recover swiftly or faster then usual. It has always been my firm belief that God answers prayers, even though He may not answer them in way we want or understand, the Lord will always be faithful to answer our prayers. Matt. 17:20. Matt. 18:18-20. Mark 11:22-24. God bless and have a wonderful day.

There are a lot of stories on this thread: Prayer :Does it work?

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