Prayer :Does it work?

Does prayer really work? Jesus said ask and youll receive. Well thats not the case as not all prayers are answered. I have heard countless of things(“arguments”) like " It takes time" or “God can say no” which i assume he does when you pray for the wrong things. But even those who pray for even the most basics(food ,clothing e.t.c) doesnt go answered. So does prayer really work?


Dear Nick,
It is important to realize also the Jesus, is not of this world (John 18:36) and His gifts are also not. Every church I go into and every blessing I hear reveals a lack of understanding of the core prayer guidelines laid out by Jesus in his teachings; starting with the Lord’s Prayer. I am compelled to make fellow Christians aware of these spiritual laws in order to help prayer to be more effective.

  • Common courtesy (Mark 12:30): Before asking God for anything, you should first praise Him and thank Him.
  • Thy Will be done (Matt 6:10): Accept God’s Will and assume you don’t know it in your prayers, because if you pray for something that is not His Will, your prayer will be wasted no matter how hard you try. Rather make your prayers open ended and trust that your prayers fuel His Will. Don’t put conditions on your prayers.
  • Love your enemy: Praying for your enemy can have the greatest positive impact on your world.
  • You will receive more than you give (Luke 6:38): Never pray for yourself as God knows what you need, and He will give it to you when you give to others.
  • What you do for the least of your bothers you do for me (Matt25:40): Pray for those less fortunate.

Forgiveness is the strongest prayer you pray: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Best Wishes, Shawn


Couldn’t have said it better myself on the issue, we should pray, but we need to be open that God might have something better for us or knows better in what we need.

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What is the first petition in the Lord’s Prayer?

Here is a sweet example, one among a boatload, of God’s sovereign, immanent, personal and interventionist activity into my life:

Maybe part of the answer is in the answer to my question to @Shawn_Murphy, above.

May thy Kingdom come to us - asking Him to send His angels to Earth,

I’m sorry, you are mistaken. It is “Hallowed be thy Name.” It reveals the heart of the petitioner. He wants his Father’s Name to be famous, renowned, set apart, above the rest.

I like Lamborghinis. If I worshipped them, I would want to elevate their name above everything else.

If you are taking this approach, then the first “petition” is Who art in Heaven". Acknowledging that the Father is Heaven, not in some building on Earth.

Dont want to be mean but your answers arent clear. You are implying that these things shawn mentioned are not been done by people which is completely false. What if i do these things and nothing? There are people who do these things (i mean comon we all praise God every day and thank him i personally do it before eating) .

So Gods gifts are not from this world. So basically prayer is useless

Wrong again, I’m afraid. ‘Who art in heaven’ is a statement of fact. ‘Hallowed be’ is an expression of desire.

It would seem to be useless, unless you believe in dualism. God’s blessing, mercy and grace impacts our spirit, our immortal self. Our spirit can cure our body - or make it sick. So, by strengthening our spirit He gives the power to endure anything the world can throw at us. If you think that is useless…

Remember, Jesus said it is difficult for rich man to get to Heaven, do you think He would make it harder by making you richer?

I’m afraid you are incorrect, too. Our desires need to align with God’s, in humility. The ‘articulate reply’ I was given was physical, as is much of God’s providence.

Sooo then we can only pray to strength us so that we are able to endure when we get persecuted by the world. So any other prayer useless

Was that a Freudian slip regarding your arguments? :grin:

Well even if the desire is in align doesnt mean the prayer is getting answered

It doesn’t mean it is useless because it doesn’t get answered in the affirmative – it means that Father is wise enough to give what we need and when.

(Be careful about declaring it useless – that is not indicative of a heart that is aligned with God.)

Sorry about that but as a new convert i kinda get mad sometimes . I dont mean it in a very bad way i love God

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