Announcing a BioLogos Podcast!

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Will the podcast have guests?

Lots of them! Which ones would you like to hear?

Oooh–that would be great!
People we’ve had on Biologos before, but also maybe even challengers–

Venema, Ted Davis, Enns, Longman, Schloss, Justin Barrett, Vanhoozer, NT Wright, Reasons to Believe, Grudem(?) Moreland, Haarsma (s), you? Looking forward to it!


Get Walton on as well, maybe even Michael Heiser, since he has done a pretty great presentation on Genesis.

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yes, Heiser would be very interesting too!

I feel like neuroscience is a field troubling for many christians. As I don´t know the scientists on this field very well I´d say Justin Barrett, since I enjoyed the videos of him speaking.
And it has been pointed out in one of the articles before that christians tended to ignore the evolutionary psychlogy field for too long, so I´d hope you could get some people there?

I just feel like this could be an opportunity to hear some voices from people who´d not have the time to publish here, a chance for even greater variety


yes, Justin Barrettt would be great (you mentioned the Fuller course by him a few days back–maybe he can talk about that too) I think that Denis Lamoureux addresses evolutionary psychology too to a certain extent; could you interview him, too, @BradKramer? :slight_smile:

Do you think he would fit here? I´m no expert to his philosophy, but after a quick look he seems to be an OEC

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Well, I was sort of throwing him and Grudem out as possibilities for a discussion-sort of like “Unbelievable.” OEC/Reasons to Believe has had a good dialogue before with Biologos. Just an idea.

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Why would neuroscience be troubling for Christians? And likewise what do they need to gather from evolutionary psychology?


I wonder if some, like Dawkins, are trying to use neuroscience and cog sci of religion to imply that we developed religion solely to survive. Justin Barrett, a Christian, argues that’s not a sequitur. That’s one thought, anyway

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Would you consider interviewing Randal Rauser? I find his 50/50 rule to overcome cognitive bias really helpful. Overcome your Cognitive Bias with the 50/50 Rule - Randal Rauser. He advocates “steelmanning” rather than “strawmanning” as well, arguing from the other person’s perspective, so as to best understand him or her. Thanks. His public email for contact on his website is I have learned a lot from his thoughts.

PS Background: He’s an evolutionary creationist theologian in Alberta; grew up in Canada, studied in the UK, teaches at a Baptist Bible college. He has interviewed Denis Lamoureux on his podcast 100. Evolution and Christian Faith: A Conversation with Denis Lamoureux - Randal Rauser, and debated Michael Ruse and others on Unbelievable. Defending Unbelievable: Brierley and Rauser vs. Johnson and Knight - Randal Rauser @T.j_Runyon likes him too, I think.


It is the most sensible field about what makes us human. Randy pretty much said it there are a lot of german neuroscientists quoted by the media (the german mass media is still very much into the neuro-nonsense) who see religion as evolutionary artifact and since we don´t have a Keller, there is no strong charismatic voice in our current theology here, so many arguments, although not bad, are sounding weak and on defense. But one of our most distinguished neuroscientists, Gerhard Roth, has gotten around in recent years and has become a proponent of free will after decades of writing books against it. The common Otto (me) doesn´t know/understand why. I don´t struggle with it anymore, but I did for a long time, so ther are probably others.

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Will these podcasts become available in itunes?

I think this is your field?

Yes, it will definitely be available on iTunes when we officially launch in Spring 2019.

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Which site(s) would you like us to share with our friends about the podcast? Which email(s) can we send ideas to for topics, authors, thinkers, etc.? Thank you for your work on this.

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I’m not sure that there is a link to share just yet. (@jstump Care to comment?)

I created a thread for people to share and discuss their ideas, so please add as many as you want:

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