Alien Life And Jesus

No matter how many other ‘chosens’ there are, the Bible really does undeniably say (except by you, I guess) that Israel is his chosen people.

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Let’s put it another way…

There is a difference between saying “apples are fruit” and “fruit are apples.” To be sure the Israelites were chosen to be God’s people – no doubt about that. What the Bible does not say is that the chosen people are the Israelites. On the contrary, in Ephesians 1:4, 2 Thessalonians 2:13, and John 15:16 it says that the Christians are chosen even though they are Gentiles rather than Israelites.

The Michigan finding would reduce the total number of worlds with life by one order of magnitude and therefore inevitable shared intentionality of consciousness, but not the frequency. The ‘likeliest’ candidate for life elsewhere in the Sol system is Titan, we’ll be able to eliminate that within the century. I like Dawkins’ minimal guess for our galaxy; six concurrent civilizations, based implicitly on central place theory I imagine. Signal to noise ratio means we’ll never communicate even if we have neighbours ‘only’ 100ly up or down our arm. Let alone boldly go. There is no Kardashev - Star Trek woo that can ever surmount that, ever has surmounted that. Anywhere. Ever. Which is why Fermi is right for the wrong reason. Or the other way around. The universe is in to its long sunset with star formation declined to 3% of its peak 11ga ago go, so net civilizations will be declining to less than an order of magnitude by that time again, by fag packet: 1 per galaxy. Within a trillion years only red dwarfs will exist and any civilizations on them will be long gone. Unless life can cycle on those worlds. Sentient species evolving every 10my or so. That could go on for a hundred trillion years in this infinitesimal universe. I doubt we’ll ever even detect life spectroscopically as significant oxygen proves nothing, significant water vapour would be a strong indicator. They’re there regardless as we’re average, natural. But if any are older, smarter it makes no difference. We’ll never talk let alone meet before Heaven.

It’s in my Bible. Not only that, The fact that the Jews are the chosen people of God is common, basic Judeo-Christian knowledge. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I really think you could use a background in the basics.

No person was around when God created the earth. Not even Keith Richards. Not even Betty White.

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What else could it possibly refer to? What other series of consecutive, dependent events? You’re trapped by its parallel meanings of stasis, of boredom. You need a full hermeneutical phenomenological encounter with the concept.

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‘Eternity’ does not have to denote sequential time. Since God is not bound or limited to time, the definition that notes “without end or beginning” fits quite well. God’s relationship to sequential time, his being timeless (or ‘timeful’), is not adequately construed by A- or B-theory. It would not be incorrect to say that he and his relationship to time is inscrutable. But we might have expected that.

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!
Romans 11:33

This is not an idiosyncratic idea, nor is it a new one – one example:

(It has been mentioned here before, as well.)

It is not a problem for God’s immutability and instantaneity – his freedom from the constraints of time, either.

It also suggests how he can rule over time and chance in his providence.

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