A Wrinkle Occurred | The Nature of Science with Larry Molnar

Larry Molnar spent years with his astronomy students studying a contact binary star system. Their observations and data eventually led them to make the claim that the stars were headed toward an explosion called a luminous red nova, a major discovery. The story of these stars and of the scientists who study them highlight the ways that science leads to knowledge about the world, and not always in straightforward ways.

Have you heard his story before?


I’ve not heard his story before but I listened to it today. It’s a subject I don’t know much about and for whatever reason I’ve never caught the “ astronomy “ bug outside of wanting to learn the constellations as a way to get more out of the season I hate the most lol. Cold and dark by 5pm. Only thing worse than the Christian hell is the Viking one xd. A frozen wasteland is just a colder deep dark chaotic ocean.

I thought it was a really good story though about the how and why the scientific method is trustable. But back to chainsaw man.

But I did find it very interesting about how the voyager is headed towards a star 40k years away. I took it at face value though. How could it even travel that far? Even an inch off here would put you way off target then. Would it even be able to send back info that in time and distance? No one actually has to answer. It’s a fleeting curiosity.

I quite enjoyed this podcast. Dr. Molnar showed great humility in working to uncover his mistake. That is a scientist who shows respect for the scientific enterprise. I hope it points him to new and interesting lines of further research.

Over time, the scientific process has also tended to correct both conscious and unconscious bias of all scientists.