A Letter to My Kids about the Universe, Faith and Science

For astronomer Elizabeth Fernandez teaching our children about science and talking to them about God are some of the most beautiful gifts we can give to them.


Loved your post and the idea to leave your kids a letter…But I saw no mention of Jesus Christ. The children need to put their trust and faith in Him…

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Like Runner I love your post and the idea of writing a letter to your children. Much of what you said was very helpful.

However, I would question whether we should refer to animals and plants as being, ‘quite literally our little brothers and sisters.’

I accept evolution. I also accept that we should be good stewards of God’s creation. But, to refer to plants and animals as my brothers and sisters, I believe, gives them a place that God did not intend.

Only human beings were created in God’s image. The only siblings that I have are those people with whom I share at least one parent.

I am sorry if this sounds pedantic, but I think it is important that we maintain the Biblical distinction between human beings and the rest of creation.

Thanks for what you have shared with us.