A Big Thanks To All

Hello all, I know everyone on here has their own particular beliefs and positions but I just wanted to thank all of you who have put in the time to answer some of the most pressing questions within science and faith. I am a pre-medical student and have at times come at crossroads to what I thought would make me choose one side or the other (science or religion) but am proud to say I embrace both. I’m sure there are many posts like this giving gratitude but I just wanted to make one as well because this website and forum has helped me keep the faith but also accept what is true within science. For a long time I thought it was bad to question and dive deeper into the Bible while accepting the foundations of biology and science but I feel more relieved.

I am just thankful and happy because I used to be a YEC and it was scary for me at first to change such a position. I learned that not everything is cut and dry and that there are a lot of gray areas in life but I am ok with that, and am prepared to continue learning and growing deeper with our Creator and the natural world! :grinning:


Welcome aboard!


Happy to see you here. We really enjoy hearing the voices of your generation, as it gives a perspective that we are are sometimes blind to.


I appreciate it! Yeah, life is an endless learning curve but I am up for that path. I’m still in the learning stage and am the type who ensures that my responses are well thought over and sound before throwing things out there. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to some threads as well, just have make sure what I say isn’t logically fallacious. I took a critical reasoning course and it was an eye opener to the ways in which we err a times. Anyways I’m glad to be part of this community.


Welcome. Premed (especially cell and molecular biology, but botany and a capstone in evolutionary biology) really shifted my understanding, as well. That’s 26 years ago now (sheesh), but I resonate with your experience. @JPM and I are both primary care docs, if you would like to discuss more on that vein, too. Blessings!


I’m suddenly not so sure that you’ll fit in around here after all! :smiley:

Seriously, - we’re glad you found your way here.


Boy I’m sure glad you posted what would have been I what I’d have blurted out. Nice to be part of something where there is a constant infusion of participation of all ages. My garden groups are getting lonelier as the young’uns probably don’t prefer driving into the city and sitting in metal chairs to hear interesting speakers they can find online.

Oh, but welcome! I’m one of the odd ball others you’ll find sprinkled in on these boards. If you ever have a question for a non-God believing person who is not hostile toward religion maybe I can help.


That would be awesome! Yeah same here for me when I just finished up my Cell, Molec and Develp Biology class it really made more sense in relation to mutations and errors made during replication. Now I’m in organic chem so that’s a whole new ball field. I’m planing on surgery but am open to what I’m good at during medical school and what I match with.


Nice to meet you!

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Haha thanks :laughing:

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You are welcome, Adam…and changing from YEC was a process for many here. You are at the start of a lengthy educational experience (I would think!!—with medicine. Keep on keepin’ on…and come back with questions and discussion topics …


Thanks! Yeah I’ve got quite the journey, but I know it will be the most fulfilling. 2 more years for my bachelors then I can apply for medical school. Hopefully I’ll be able to touch the lives of others with the ministry of healing while being able to explicate my beliefs in the most rational ways possible.

To quote one of my favorite verses…

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear”
1 Peter 3:15


Amen! Well said…

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My welcoming you to work of science is mirrored by your welcoming me and other scientists to Christianity. AND I think I am getting the better part of that deal. Science is just an activity, an important activity – almost as important as collecting garbage to be sure. But Christianity is life itself.


Thanks for the encouragement. Your last statement resonates deep. I don’t know how to do the quote replies yet, but I’m getting there! Like you said, science is a method in which we perceive the natural world, (albeit not the only way, eg: art, music, literature) whereas Christianity is the way in which we live in the natural world to access the ultimate reality. Both enrich the human experience in my opinion.


Just highlight the quote you want, and a little box with “quote” will appear, click it and it will open a reply box with the quote at the top. You can go back and quote additional material after typing, and it will insert the quote in the body of your reply.

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Think I got it down now. Thanks! Didn’t realize it was so simple.

Thanks for sharing, Adam!


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