YEC film in theaters - parent wants me to promote - insight?

@Homeschool_Forum I just received a Facebook message from a parent at our homeschool co-op. She’s asking if I knew about the upcoming movie, “Is Genesis History?” and would I like to tell my classes about it.

Sooooo. . . . I honestly am not sure how to handle this. I’m still fleshing out my ideas, but I really don’t want to promote something that belittles or denigrates other believers that have a different take on Genesis. I’m also not 100% comfortable “outing” myself to this mom - it would likely involve a long, drawn-out, “I’m concerned about you” discussion at a coffee shop and I don’t want to go there.

Anyone know anything about this movie?

And anyone have some magic wording for me?


@1bassoon, I watched the trailer for the movie. It is a Gorgeous film … with beautiful images and voices… and sound track. I almost weeped for Abel…

If you send your children in there, it’s going to set up some pretty vivid conflict. It is all geared to one conclusion:

that scientists don’t know what they are talking about. It raises straw men … (Evolution is about complexity) and then destroys the straw man.

If you really don’t want to confront this woman … I think you only have one choice… You are going to have to move out of town.

I’m sure others on this list will offer you much better advice than this…


Actually. . . we are moving out of state this summer. . . … :wink:

Just kidding. Kind of.

That’s what I was afraid of. The whole, “The scientists have no idea what they are talking about” shtick. I have seen that sentiment played out over and over again throughout my homeschool career - the schools don’t know what they’re talking about, the doctors don’t know what they’re talking about, etc etc etc (tangent, I know)


There’s a reason why that film is going into the theaters… (one day, Feb 23rd) … the night right after the Wednesday bible studies … they put a Lot of Money behind it … it looks as good as anything by National Geographic I’ve ever seen …

You could say something diplomatic like “Maybe I’ll leave it to the kids’ parents to suggest that movie, since not all families teach the same things about Genesis.” When I can, I talk in vague generalities about what “some people” believe to avoid coming right out and saying I’m the one with the problem with it.


I watched the trailer, and the movie looks awful! What does it say to children when somebody claims he can take on evidence-based science with a movie? It’s in theatres one day only, so I would schedule something else that day. You know, something more enjoyable, like a root canal.


By “awful”, do you mean full of distortions and exaggerations?

As you know, my posting was focusing on production values, which I think are beautifully done in the movie…

I would probably say something similar to what Christy mentioned. If you don’t want to/aren’t ready to engage (which is perfectly fine… this stuff I can be hard to wrap your arms around), focusing your response on the neutral needs of the group is perfectly reasonable.

Going a step further, when I find myself in that position, I will often turn the conversation because, as I see it, I am not on the defensive position. They can believe what they like, but if they want to discuss it with me, I am clear up front that I can share information, and am happy to. If they want to learn with me, fine. If they have another agenda, then there are many other conversations we can have:-)

Depending on how close you are to this person, you can certainly not respond at all. If you are later asked about it, an “Oh yes, I did get that. Thanks for the info.” You don’t necessarily need to explain yourself.:wink:

The homeschool world is full of truly special brothers and sisters in Christ who bring much light to my life, but flexibility usually isn’t a hallmark trait of the group as a whole, lol. Good luck.


Oh, and if it is any consolation, the more you firm up your own understandings, the easier this becomes… at least that has been my experience.

It used to feel very much like swimming upstream. Now, I can lay my boundaries out very clearly in those coffee shop conversations. Many of the big YEC groups use a combo of poor scholarship (i.e., quote mining) and loaded language (equating people who acknowledge evolutionary theory with atheists). Instead of engaging in the “great debate” on various YEC topics, I focus on the deceptive methodology employed by groups who position themselves as the “true” Christians. In my experience, that is one of the only ways to help people to think it through from a Christ-centered perspective. Which, quite frankly, is the whole point anyway:-)

I have been surprised by how many people have almost come out and said that they don’t care. The ends justify the means sort of thing. In that case, you haven’t failed. The techniques used by some of the more prominent YEC groups are really powerful. Load your language, create a divide, isolate from information, etc. These are techniques create mental bonds that are very difficult to break.

I don’t ever expect to convince anyone I don’t know well. A trust/relationship often needs to be there first. I have seen understanding grow much more often with people close to me than with acquaintances.


Yes, that’s what I mean

True, it’s like a slick sales brochure.

btw, I wasn’t responding to your post specifically.

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Great insights. Ultimately, we are called to be concerned for the well being of those around us and to respond in love. At times that may require confrontation, but we should always act out of love, not out a selfish desire to “be right.”

And I know I am preaching to the choir, but it is something I have to tell myself on a regular basis.

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Our kids see so much of modern life as being adversarial; politics, religion… just about anything in the internet:-). But this isn’t about winning the round. It is about engaging graciously and using the opportunity to educate.

And you are not alone. I have to reign in my inner gladiator regularly, lol.

Thank you, one and all! I can’t tell you how helpful all of your insights have been. I’m not a trained scientist, just have fallen into teaching it out of a great love for all things scientific and an analytical mind. YEC logic has never felt right to me

I like Christy’s verbiage - and will likely use something like that if I need to.

Now I have to figure out if I want to go see it or not. . . .


Why waste the money? It will just be used to help out the YEC cause.

Yeah, I’ll likely wait until I can get my hands on a free copy of it.

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