Yay, my kid is learning something!

So the other day, my fourth grade son related a conversation he had with a friend. It went something like this:

Friend: Isn’t it so amazing that God created the universe so perfectly that if the earth was just ten feet closer to the sun, we’d all burn up?

My son: That doesn’t make any sense.

Friend: I read it in a book.

My son: So how come if I climb to the top of the jungle gym and get ten feet closer to the sun I don’t burn up?

Friend: No, it has to do with the whole planet.

My son: That still doesn’t make any sense. The earth’s orbit is elliptical. It’s millions of miles closer to the sun sometimes than it is other times. I’m pretty sure ten feet doesn’t matter.

Friend: Okay, you convinced me.

I feel so validated. All this work on critical thinking skills is actually working.


Yes, it’s great until they turn those critical thinking skills against you. I think my son was just a little bit younger than yours when he punched his older sister with his fist. I gave him a spanking, and afterwards he says, “So you hit me to teach me not to hit my sister?” Pretty much the last spanking I ever gave. (It only gets worse. Teenagers delight in pointing out our hypocrisy!)

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