X-Ray Map of the Universe

Just because it’s so cool …


VERY COOL! Will share :slight_smile:

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Does anybody else see the face of an old woman or goblin with a heavy hairdo holding a blue sword in guard position? LOL


YES! What have you discovered? What… What does it mean? :astonished:

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A cherubim! haha

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Oh and then there is the bright white dot on her/its forehead. Is that a psychic third eye?

What about that spot over to the right? It reminds me of when Luke Skywalker was learning to use the force and was trying to use a light saber to defend himself from a small round flying droid.

Oh heck… its not an old woman or a goblin but a alien Jedi!

Could it be as sign from the heavens that star wars is all true and we need to believe in the force?

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I’m sticking with the cherubim. Nevertheless, may the force be with you!

I sent it to the office and Deb chimed in on what we’re looking at here:
“The blue/green band at the center is the edge-on view of our Milky Way, showing hot objects like recent supernovas. The orange arc ballooning above the plane of our galaxy is relatively nearby, a fountain of gas ejected from the plane some time ago. The sprinkling of white dots everywhere are much more distant galaxy clusters and huge black holes.”

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Awesome! Thank Deb for her explanation. I shouldn’t really say it’s “cool” because technically we’re looking at hot. Doh!

My wife took one look at the pic and said, “What’s the black?” My small mind is taxed beyond its limits pretty quickly. I guess it represents the limits of our instruments. Beyond that I dare not go!

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I was going to guess Mr Monopoly. Looks like we’ll be in different denominations.

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I saw something kind of like that but also not. I thought of a zombie with a broom stick in its mouth and was seeing it as someone fending it off from that persons perception.

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