Would Viruses Have Existed Before The Fall?

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I have ventured into this topic before here but I would like to hear from others in light of the current situation.

Traditionally I have believed creation to be broken (death, disease, “thorns,” etc.) because of the fall. I have always seen the world functioning in a much different way before sin entered into the equation.

I have found many on this site who argue things like animal death were part of the original “good” creation and would have existed before the fall of man.

How should we view something like COVID-19? My belief is that God is sovereign over all things, including this virus. Even though it was not something that “should” have been in the world, the Father is ultimately using it for good. I would like to hear other opinions.


Did you see Jim’s article on this a while back and the ensuing discussion?

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I wonder how many shelves of books have discussed something similar, which is to say that it is something we ponder, with no good answers.
My current thinking, brought about by consideration of what chaos in creation means in intersection with God’s power, is that chaos, including death, and what we call entropy, is an integral part of physical nature, which is why Eden had to be separate from the rest of creation. Eventually, we will be in the new Eden in the presence of God, but for now, here we are.


I think viruses existed prior to the sin of Adam and Eve. Viruses serve a important ecological niche. Death and the stresses that drive evolution, helps to generate new life.

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Viruses existed before the Fall and though we live in this tension for now, it won’t be this way forever when Christ returns.

They are as old as life.

A surprisingly large chunk of our human genome is comprised of repurposed ancient viruses.


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