Would this nonprofit fly?: "Will teach the Neo-Darwinian synthesis for food"

I have greatly benefitted from reading your responses to my previous posts. Now, if you can help me with this problem, I may be able to help college students caught between pastors and professors about the science and faith issue.

The Discovery Institute just came here to speak to an audience of 1,000 people, by the way. They return in October to speak at a megachurch.

My thoughts and plan I would like your feedback on

  1. My parents are wealthy and so I don’t need money. I need structure in my week, to the tune of 25-40 hours a week max.

  2. I am thinking of starting a nonprofit focused on the church-university relationship. My dissertation showed how evangelism was damaged due to damaged relationships in the controversy over evolution.

  3. The history of science is a vanishing field and I don’t want to work in academia anyway due to stress and moving around the nation being job requirements.

  4. My job options are right now
    manufacturing, healthcare, computers, and legal assisting

I don’t believe at 49 with a history of science PhD that involved interviewing creationists at the highest level that I should be working in any of these fields.

I want to write and speak and I would do it for free and more than anything else I need low-stress structure. Structure consistent in my week to manage bipolar, which I have done by God’s power for 25 years.

I wouldn’t mind speaking to large audiences. That is not stressful for me.

I feel like standing on the street with my resume and a sign that says, “Will teach the Neo-Darwinian synthesis and the Arkansas Creationism Trial for food”.

“In the counsel of many, there is victory.”

Help me with your thoughts as I manage the anxiety of my academic work being a total waste of decades and thousands of dollars.

Thank you so much

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Well, the way you do that in this day and age is to start a blog. That would be far more comfortable than standing on a real street corner, and give you more exposure. Even is traffic I suspect low, it would give you structure and help you express your voice.

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I would suggest writing a book. It would be a great way to organize your thoughts, and to polish them up. I have often dreamed of writing a book myself, and if I were in a position where I didn’t have to worry about money or an immediate paycheck then that is exactly what I would do. I could still write a book in my spare time, but laziness is an enemy I have yet to conquer.

The key is to treat it as a job. Structure time just like you would for a job, and write every day even if it is terrible. The best way to write a great book is to write an awful book first. There are tons of resources on Youtube on how to get an editor, how to self publish, how to market the book, and so forth. There has never been a better time in all of history for people to write a book about something they are passionate about, and there are no gatekeepers that will prevent you from publishing. You would be your own boss.

Once you have a book finished and on its way to being published you will have a very focused and well informed message to take to people. There could also be some economic return on the education you invested in if the book is successful. Youtube channels can be a great way to express yourself, but Internet culture is a mixed bag, to put it kindly. You need skin a mile thick if you push yourself onto visible internet platforms, and I don’t know how well that would work with your bipolar disorder.

Above all else, it looks like you have a wonderful opportunity, so grab it with both hands and go for it.


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