Would God as the creator of Life be compatible with the bible?

God creates Life from earth.
Apes evolve from primordial life.
Apes acquire the essence of God and become Human.
Humans are sinners (creator/destroyer)
In death the essence of God is released.

Would you mind to define what you mean by “would God as the creator of life be compatible with the Bible?” I would like to answer this question but seems kind of vague and needs to be further defined. Thanks.

Seems compatible with the Bible, though I’d use from elements, molecules, etc. on Earth.

Not sure what this means, though it could be poetic. Eventually after billions of years a population group that we can call apes did evolve, sure.

That’s a rather deep and somewhat unanswerable question if one tries to identify a ‘when’ homo sapiens acquired the image of God. I tend to prefer the its something that God declared as our purpose which may or may not have a time stamp on it.

That seems compatible with the Bible :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite sure what you mean though we can help create and bring flourishing or destroy each other and this creation to some degree.

You’re gonna have to unpack that one. I’m not sure what this means or could mean.

The scenario you present seems contradictory to any view in the Bible, even as a stated human notion of God. God even as a spirit does not have essence. God does not represent another being. Nor do other beings contain God as some divisible part spiritual or physical. We have the implication that perhaps a part of God animates or is the “force” that holds the universe together. Those are humans views of God. For instance, if the Holy Spirit is a separate being apart from God, how can one Being be in every person at the same time? This observation can lead to all kinds of speculation. But no one accepts this function or office of the Holy Spirit is just God’s “essence” dwelling in us. One of the reasons some do not even view God as a trinity. However, God never reveals that the Holy Spirit had any other function outside of the body of Christ and the point made in Noah’s day, when God’s Spirit was in a struggle with each and every human spirit. This implies that humans had their own spirit, and humans and God communicated spirit to Spirit. This option is no longer afforded under our control. Even if this is a figurative struggle, no way did humans have an essence of God within them.

When God breathed into humanity life, God literally did not impart an essence. It was the animation or advent of the human soul, but it was the image that connects us to God, not the ability to live and exist in an intelligent manner. When a physical body dies, God does not leave that body, the eternal and unique you leaves the body. The body returns to the dust.

Another point of contention with humans evolving from the animal kingdom. God did not give animals a living soul in Genesis 1. That was only given to humans. Do they live and breath the same way and have a possible eternal presence? The eternal aspect was not given to us in the narrative, but all animals have life, even if not eternal. So all animals who are classified with humans live and breath in the same manner.

We are unique eternal souls, we are in the image of fallen Adam, and no longer have the image of God at our disposal to communicate with God. That is now the function of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to the church. Some humans accept that we are still connected to the lost image of God or spiritual part, but it is only one way. And not available on our end, but on God’s end.

It is more than just finding God. We have lost to us part of our original design. We will not experience God nor that lost us, until after we are dead.

Some people view us as dualistic, having a physical and spiritual form, but neither explain who we are. The Bible says we are soul, body, and spirit. Having only body and spirit, we are the alleged mind formed by the joint participation of the body and spirit. If we have no access to the spirit, because the physical no longer includes the spiritual, there will never be any physical evidence to prove we have 3 parts. Our minds can only allow us control over our physical self.

No that is not what I meant. Every act of creation is also destructive act. (you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg)
Our creative/destructive abily allowed us to transform the Garden of Eden (God’s work) in essence take over God’s work. In effect leaving the Garden of Eden by transforming it ( a creative/ destructive) process. A God-like ability due to higher consciousness (an aspect of God).

The essence of God is higher consciousness. The ability to be creator/destroyers.
To be as God. The Original Sin. Our disobedience. Individualism. Our Consciousness

Our purpose was to live in the Garden of Eden. Our disobedience got us evicted. We must now find a way to return. Our sins prevent us from returning to the Garden of Eden.

Perhaps you should attempt to understand more what I am trying to say than what you are trying to say.

I understand that you think God is in us. God being in us is your perfectly and clearly distinct view of all natural beings. You are not the first human to make such a claim. That is what all natural religions and humans have claimed since the first claim someone decided to pass on to their offspring. I am not even sure if your means of getting to that conclusion is that unique. The only thing going for you is that you are unique in being you. I am not faulting your right to figure out how you fit into the universe, and evidently how the universe fits into your ability to think.

No I am sure it is not unique as it is clearly stated in the bible.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word waswith God, and the Word was God.

Then the man and his wife heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the breeze of the day, and they hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden. 9So the LORD God called out to the man, “Where are you?” 10“I heard Your voice in the garden,” he replied, “and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid myself.”…

This is our Consciousness/Conscience speaking having mastered language through Evolution. God is a label we have put on consciousness/conscience. It is what speaks in your head. Spontaneous thoughts.

Then if that was the case then why continue searching for “god” when it is already within us and thus the search is over. Also if that is the case then what was going on in Gen. 2:16-17 in where the Lord tells Adam to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge, was that also is consciousness as well or not? And what about the serpent in Gen.3? What about that?

Are thoughts physical? Or are they philosophical metaphysics.

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