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Word on Fire [Catholic] ministries now has a website:


which has a compilation of Bishop Barron’s videos and writings on the subject. That might interest many here.


I am a fan of Bishop Barron’s stuff, I do have some scepticism as to how historically accurate his statement that Christian presuppositions caused the rise of modern science is.

That’s a pretty standard view in philosophy and history of science, Reggie. Look at the roots of science in the mediaeval period (God’s Philosophers, Hannam), and at the founding fathers like Bacon and Descartes, the early Royal Society, and a stream of movers and shakers through Kepler, Newton, and so on.

Look at the theological roots of the mechanical philosophy, the concept of laws of nature as divine institutions, Bacon’s use of Genesis to establish that nature was both comprehensible to man and his to manipulate for his benefit, the assumption that God, as an external Creator, had created an investigable realm of nature.

Not all of these are correct Christian presuppositions, but they are certainly Christian and they certainly underpin modern science.

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