With Gentleness and Reverence: My Journey Out of Young-Earth Creationism

It was my lack of theological understanding that clouded my ability to recognize the work of God in science.
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I really appreciate the last two paragraphs that talk about science being Kingdom work. Too many times I think young people get the message that science is a godless domain and the only way to pursue it in a God-honoring way is to take an antagonistic approach and fight it. Like we need Christians in science to infiltrate Satan’s territory and bring science to its knees. It is such a better message to say Christians should pursue science because it is making the world a better place, and as followers of Christ, every time we contribute to making the world a better place in Jesus’ name, we are doing Christian work.


I love it! Well stated.

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The books of the Bible, and many works of theology tell us about God, and celebrate His creation. So does The Molecular Biology of the Cell.

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Hi Sy, Since you capitalized and italicized, is that a reference to a book?

Yup, its one of the key textbooks in graduate molecular and cell biology and biochemistry. Everything you would want to know about how life works. I used to say it should be read in Sunday School.

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