Witchcraft :Is it true?

Sooo does it exist or all those black magic wica people are basically frauds? Now i dont believe in mediums and those other fallacies. But just curious about if anything about witchcraft is real. Thanks and God bless!

Here is a passage which in my mind unambiguously speaks of witches as individuals who hold real, supernatural power:

Ezekiel 13

17 As for you, mortal, set your face against the daughters of your people, who prophesy out of their own imagination; prophesy against them 18 and say, Thus says the Lord God: Woe to the women who sew bands on all wrists, and make veils for the heads of persons of every height, in the hunt for human lives! Will you hunt down lives among my people, and maintain your own lives? 19 You have profaned me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, putting to death persons who should not die and keeping alive persons who should not live, by your lies to my people, who listen to lies.

20 Therefore thus says the Lord God: I am against your bands with which you hunt lives; I will tear them from your arms, and let the lives go free, the lives that you hunt down like birds. 21 I will tear off your veils, and save my people from your hands; they shall no longer be prey in your hands; and you shall know that I am the Lord. 22 Because you have disheartened the righteous falsely, although I have not disheartened them, and you have encouraged the wicked not to turn from their wicked way and save their lives; 23 therefore you shall no longer see false visions or practice divination; I will save my people from your hand. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

How do you kill someone with bands? Through magical links. Also the word for ‘bands’ is cognate with an Akkadian term with magical links. I recently saw a lecture by my Biblical Hebrew tutor on this very passage.

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I think a lot of them are frauds. But I do believe in a spiritual realm, so I don’t think it’s impossible that demons could give some degree of power to people.

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I’m not sure fraud is the best term to use here since most people practicing such genuinely believe they have special powers and are helping people. I don’t think any of their claims to supernatural ability would be able to stand up to scientific scrutiny and hence would be inclined to lean more towards the they don’t have actual power side, only imagined power (which sometimes seems to work just as good).

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I was doing some research and found some recipes for potions e.tt.c. Not gonna use them as i think its completely bs (sorry for my language) but just curious if their alchemy is the power that they attribute to supernatural.

I think that’s the entire modern fields of chemistry plus say something quantum or particle physics would stand as evidence against mystical properties of matter. It really wouldn’t be that hard to test, but strangely enough I don’t see any witches actually doing such kinds of tests. Just like I don’t see with essential oils massive peer reviewed clinical trials, just anecdotal stories.

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I believe there is a spiritual dimension that includes powers opposed to God and good. I think that people can be influenced or used by those spiritual entities. The lie is that people can control the power and somehow wield it for their own intentions. There is no magic that humans can do. Just like we don’t control or manipulate the Holy Spirit, I don’t think anyone can control or manipulate demonic power. In many cultures of the world, people seem to be influenced by it in disturbing ways and it keeps people in fear and separated from God. Not so much in the West where people don’t believe in it and money, sex, and power work just fine for keeping people in spiritual slavery.


There is “false” witchcraft and the real deal, same thing with the Satanism, there are the “Church of Satan” which is really just a bunch of angry atheist who are edge lords thinking they can tick Christians off by worshiping Satan, and then there are the real folks who do the worst of the worst of stuff including human sacrifice and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). The Bible says a lot of false/deceiving spirits that can trick people and make people think that they are being helped. There is a good reason why God wanted the Hebrews to stay away from it. The one event I think of a lot is the story of the Witch of Endor and when King Saul tries to go to her to raise up Samuel’s spirit and when she does the real one pops up and this even catches her off guard as she might have been expecting a “familiar spirit” instead of something else.

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Does any of you have actually known alchemy recipes? Not witchcraft related but just alchemy. I keep searching on the internet but i dont find any. Ive had a book of Heppocrates you know the famous greek doctor and it had some herbs recipes on it but i lost it and cant seem to find it. So if someone has any recipe i would be glad. God bless

The thing about alchemy was… it didn’t work. :thinking:

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Wicca is a religion. The most I can say is that I don’t believe in it any more than I do Hinduism or Islam.

Witchcraft in the Bible is likely something very different… something to do with poisons perhaps.

Logic dictates that if there is a force for good then there will be a force for evil. Christians are keen to promote the power of the Holy Spirit and have supernatural influences on the world so why should the same people just dismiss evil spirits and evil influences?
Yes there is folly wthin demonic worshipping but there is folly in Christianity as well.
As for mediums… the bible not only singles them out as real . Saul actually is successful in using one.
There is much about the brain that we still not understand. Positive and negative thinking can influence health. Voodoo would seem to be able to tap into this. Perhaps wicca also?
To simply dismiss the dark arts would seem to me to be rather dangerous.


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I didnt get it. You mean alchemy isnt a thing or doesnt work? Thanks for your response christy

Alchemy, as in the pursuit of formulas that turn base metals into gold or some elixir of life? Yeah, that did not pan out. It led to modern chemistry, though, so not a total loss. If you want to do alchemy today there is an app for it. My kids like it.


Alchemy may be considered futile but it is not generally placed in alignment with witchcraft or the Dark Arts. Alchemists do not make potions or call on the devil / demons.



Well im trying to search for recipes but i dont find any

Yeah, good luck with that…


On the contrary if this is about the influence of positive and negative thinking then anything but dismissing any so called “dark arts” would be the dangerous course.

It is the same issue with the devil. Power and responsibility go hand in hand. So the more you credit him with responsibility for things the more power you give to him.

Wicca and Vodoun are religions. And I have no doubt that they have a darker side JUST LIKE Christianity. But I think it would be difficult for the evils done by these small religions to compete with the evil done in the name Christianity. What evils? Well there are the historical evils to be sure but I think we have our hands full with the ones being done right now and that includes accusations and murders of people accused of witchcraft.

If you speak about the inquisition and the Crusades i agree. But on the witch thing if witchcraft is true (not in a form of a religion rather than dark rituals i.e the black Sabbath as some have heard) then these trials were at a small point justifiable. Sure most of those if not all were innocent. But if wichcraft is real then there is a possibility that some of them were actually involved in dark themes. But then again it doesn’t justify taking their lives so forget what i said before about beign justifiable my bad.

Not all countries have a protections from Christianity like we have in America and Europe. So yeah the historical evils done by Christianity are well documented but it is a mistake to think these are all in the past. (burning witches, Christian militias)

I know you want to say that such craziness shouldn’t be blamed on Christianity. But then those who practice Wiccan and Vodoun would say the same about their darker side also. Yeah I am likely to doubt that Christianity is really responsible. Superstitions and evils like this largely have a life of their own.

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