William Dembski comes to Dallas: What to ask?

It happens next week.

He is 63. He was 33 when ID got started.

What would you ask him?

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  • What’s up?

Thanks. If you disagree with him, it may be best to get to know him as a person. People do better, as you know, if you know they care. Maybe you can discuss and learn more things from him, and then mutually discuss things. He definitely is brilliant.

I look forward to what you learn.

Me personally I guess I would not ask them anything. I have no reason from science to believe in ID. Young earth creationist reject science and old earth creationist can only argue from god of the gaps. It’s not even something I am slightly concerned over. I would not be mean to the guy. I understand the reasons why someone wants ID to be real. It would make faith less
stupid feeling. But there is just nothing there. There are only so many arguments and they just reuse the argument for anything we discover newly that we don’t have answers to or apply it to something we’ve not had answers to for a while. But it’s always using god to fill in a gap or just outright rejecting scientific consensus on something.

I would ask Dembski:

  1. Why on earth would anyone come to Dallas, who wasn’t forced to?!
  2. Who are you?

Can I see your ID?


Ha! :grin: Or “Can you scientifically prove your ID is legitimate?”

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