Why would God use evolution if it results in flawed beings?

I am a firm beleiver in evolution, however I do like the idea of God using evolution as a natural means to sustain and evolve life on earth as time progresses, my only issue is that I noticed because of evolution many flaws have occurred during the process such as the luna moth only being able to live one week because of its nonfunctional mouth or how we humans suffer certain bodily issues do to the way we evolved. So my question is why God would use a process that results in imperfect creations? Here is an article related to flaws of the human body.


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God had a two-creation plan from the start. The first one was not intended to be ‘perfect’, only ‘very good’ – it was subjected to futility from its inception.


So what? Everything works, more or less. Some of it works fabulously. We have nature, art, music.

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Maybe in order to get a world with genuine freedom, there are limitations or consequences? The second creation story is dismissed as primitive anthropomorphism but it certainly speaks of a creator who grows and learns with his creation.

And where do we draw the line. Why at wisdom teeth? Is a creature that needs to eat less perfect than one that doesn’t? Why should we even need teeth to begin with? Our evolution means these things are normal but the human body and life on this planet is pretty ■■■■ amazing despite it not being perfect.

In another light if we never got sick or experienced diseases, we would not have needed to make technological advances in healthcare and medicine. What if we were designed to never get hungry or became thirsty? To not need to sleep 1/3 of our lives (more time to worship God)? I think no matter how things are we would find a way to complain about it but I don’t think we were designed to live in a garden utopia that we got ourselves kicked out of. That fairy tale has been discredited long ago. People are generally how God intended us to be.

This is great question though and I look forward to reading different responses because it a thorny issue for me.



I think God’s idea of good and our idea of perfect might be different. Also, maybe survival and comfort are not God’s highest goals. I don’t know why we should get to make our subjective assessments the standard by which God’s creative purposes are judged.


I guess for me it’s not a issue of flaws and ect… becsuse I don’t think God used evolution. I think evolution happened. Natural selection happened. I think at some point Yahweh changed the way he interacted with nature and life because we evolved to the point where this modern form of communication was possible.

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I agree. God lets evolution happen as opposed to designing us.

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God is sovereign… over everything, molecules and moons.

Do you suppose God would need to direct how hed want crystals to grow, how mountains and waterfalls each should look?
Snowflake- glacier carving u shaped valley-
meltwater, braided channel, incised meander,
limestone cave- stalactites- waterfall, distributaries, delta and back to the ocean…

It all operates on its own, no planning where to
put the waterfalls…?

Is it not all just following natural law where it leads?

Why would clams need guidance?

Whether you think of life and evolution arising on their own or with a divine assist, I can only marvel at how spectacular it is warts and all. Compared with a handful of dust, slime mold is miraculous and as the clades get closer to our own our empathy and appreciation just go up and up. So there is cancer and even babies get it. So what? Unless you imagine creation as a cheap magician’s act why nay say the result? Nature rocks in all it gory glory.


So basically he let evolution happen as a means to eventually lead to where we are now?

He musta known what would happen

Yes. The universe was given a measure of freedom.

Why would God use evolution if it results in flawed beings?

Because God is the shepherd of the Bible not the watchmaker designer of Deism, interested a relationship with living beings with their own life and ideas, not in making machines which he can use.

Life is a self-organizing process not some magic to animate objects so they will do what you want like in the Sorcerer’s apprentice. The whole point is to make your own choices about the purpose and meaning of your life. The big flaw and inconsistency here is with this distorted man-made theology which has God assigning a purpose to people like tools demanding obedience like robots. It is frankly a theology concocted to turn religion into a tool of power over other people.

Why would God use evolution if it results in flawed beings?

Because that theology of power is wrong. Because God has chosen love and freedom over power and control. Just as all the evidence God has sent from earth and sky refutes our distorted pictures of reality and demonstrates evolution, so does evolution refute this insistence upon a God obsessed with power and control. It makes it clear that this obsession comes from human beings and not from God at all.

Oh… and it is because free will (and consciousness) is part of and in fact the whole point of the very process of life. Free will is not some magical quality added at the end but the very nature of life from the beginning. Living things make decisions in how they respond to environmental changes. To be sure, with the addition of language to put those choices into the abstract concepts represented by words adds a whole new dimension magnifying our free will greatly beyond that of other living organisms. But it is still there in all life, commensurate with the highly quantitative measure of life itself.

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What are the limits?

Okay just making sure I am understanding that correctly.

Honestly it is my fault, I should have framed the question better, but I do not think that natural processes such as evolution need guidance by an intelligent deity.

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Its like waterfalls that way

While I agree nature is fascinating I am not sure as to why It appears to be cruel at certain times, why would a creator who is supposedly all good allow for parasitoid wasps? Even Darwin had commented on how cruel this is.


How much? And there’s only the one?

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