Why Pray for Ukraine?

You wouldn’t happen to have a quick summary for those who don’t have time to read everything you’ve read, do you?

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It is interesting that Orthodox Jews are not Zionists and that they view the diaspora as just.

Does that have to do with anything here?

Along with Britons and Russians. None of whom bombed the camps.

I was thinking more along the lines of the crusades and other wars caused by religion and i have read about ww2 and the holocaust, yes it was horrible and some say that religion had a role in that therefore religion bad, either way whats done is done and there will be more wars to come.

I think he cared about all of it. The innocent Jewish people killed by the Germans. The innocent Chinese people killed by the Japanese. The innocent kids of Hiroshima. I just think he leaves it up to us to become peace makers and not destroyers of the world.


Sting in Russia in 2010. Let us pray the Russians love their children too.


Yes, well put.

A true religious war is when you defend the powerless without restraint.


There is honestly still a part of me that wonders if the confidence that he “ Putin “ can get away with it is the whole “Nostalgia for the Soviet Union” and the continued romanticization of Putin. I’m still seeing tons of memes and posts by people all over, but especially Germany, USA, and Scandinavian places. Some of the polls that I saw referenced on Wikipedia mentioned that around 75% of people in Russia believes that the Soviet Union was good for the common Russian man.

I’ve also noticed , as I’m sure others have, that often in films and books the Russians are stereotypes as basically masculine toxicity. Even a friend of mine who is a bodybuilding female that speaks Spanish and has African and Asian parents did that female bodybuilder trend where it says something along those lines in the video that they “ don’t want to be muscular like some pretty man but strong like a b* that fights bears in Russia”. Often villains are portrayed as these powerful Russian fighters with heavy fake Russian accents.

I constantly kept seeing videos of some event where Trump was sitting next to his wife and not paying attention to her and Putin walked up and smiled at her and she was blush smiling and Trump was oblivious to it .

So I wonder if this constant romanticization over the last decade has help encourage Putin to build up enough confidence that he’s a bit delusional in thinking what he can probably do. Heck I’ve seen work done on even someone who normally gets 10 likes a post suddenly get 100 and begins making more confident content. I wonder if the general view of Putin was negative without any of the positive views if it would make him act less strongarm-ish?

The arrogant behavior of Putin is a bad example of what may happen if someone lives in his almighty bubble and all around him say yes, yes. He has obtained a very strong position, is getting older and has started to seek the next goal, to be remembered as the leader who made Russia great again. An understandable nationalist position (make xxxxxx great again) but accompanied with the mentality of a KGB-trained officer.

I don’t want to talk politics and I do not want to make Russians look like the bad guys. Anyhow, the behavior of leaders can be a good or bad example, and it is wise to learn from their mistakes or success stories.


Nothing petty about the Crusades either. On their way to the Holy Land the Crusaders herded Jews into their synagogue and set it on fire. I forget which crusade it was, but the Crusaders rejoiced that the blood of the enemy was up to the horses’ bridles.

Wait, i thought the crusades were originally started as a means to stop muslim expansion?

The crusaders wanted to be able to make pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Ah, well i do not know much about crusades except from what i have learned from the words of others, they don’t really teach it in school growing up, i will have to look into some books about the history of the crusades.

Germany was ostensibly one of the most “Christian” nations on Earth (Lutheran). If only Christians had actually followed the teachings of Jesus, Hitler would never have been able to raise an army…


You have much to learn about God. God cares. God cared about the Hebrew slaves in Egypt. God cares about your problems. God cares about rich and powerful people taking advantage of those who are poor and ordinary. We have to stand up for ourselves.

I wonder if this is a doctored video. Melania is from Slovenia, which Slavic country, which was part of Tito’s Yugoslavia after WW 2. Her father was a Communist official. who has now migrated to the USA.

Yes, Putin says he wants to make Russia great again as it was as the USSR. Of course, it was not great then, only powerful, but people believe what they want to believe.

This is not politics. This is life. This is morality. Please stop making “politics” a dirty word and an excuse for not taking a stand for God’s justice.

The Russians are not the bad guys, except that they have allowed Putin to become their Leader. Haven’t you seen the protests against the war? He has made himself the new Stalin and his people to a remarkable extent are standing up to him. I deeply the Church will also stand up.

That is why we need to pray for Ukraine. We need to pray for justice and democracy. We need to thank God that there are people in this world who more concerned about justice and dignity than the price of gas.

Pray for the Church in Russia that it will stand for justice and democracy, for Christianity rather than for greed and power. Pray for the people of Russia that they might be able to save their country from the evil of Putinism and evils of an unjust war that could become WW 3.

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I don’t think anyone actually thinks Russians are bad guys.

To be honest I would rather Russia have Ukraine then some ridiculous WW3. However many suffers or dies from Ukraine becoming one with Russia will pale in comparison with a WW3. Or they can simply not join NATO and hope the sanctions put things back to normal enough. If they openly say they refuse to join NATO and cease firing Putin may do his silly little parading around knowing he got his way and then pull out and Ukraine can continue on independently.

I used the words “make xxxxxx great again” and thought that some might connect it to the divided political situation in US. That was the reason why I wrote that I don’t want to talk politics.

European countries have reacted strongly to the situation, including acts they have not done before like sending weapons to a country in war with Russia. I can say that we have taken a stand.

There is much speculation about the role of Covid in the crisis. Because of the Covid epidemic, Putin isolated himself for an extended period. There are claims that he dwelled in hatred and bitterness within his bubble and this was one reason for his extremist actions. The hatred, bitterness and almost paranoid suspicion against the west stems from his past, growing in Soviet union and being a KGB officer. The breakdown of the Soviet union and the weakness of Russia after the collapse of Soviet union has been a traumatic experience for many grown in the Soviet union.


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