Why I mentioned WLCraig: A strange opportunity to do some good for grad students around the nation

I have to have a series of interactions to understand what is going down here in Dallas.

I have this opportunity to deal with a Craig-connected ministry that is doing a lot of good for grad students, about 3,000 at least a year.

In the course of the journey I am taking, I need to talk to an ID focused worker in a campus ministry.

His group is Craig-connected and Discovery Institute connected

I am concerned about that Discovery culture war connection in this apologetics ministry

They do good work with the resurrection. But then they attack Darwin

This all links together and I will explain it when I hear your thoughts about dealing with this worker

Thank you!

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How are they living the gospel in Jesus’ first sermon josh?

A major challenge is what is ID? Is it a scientific movement? Is it an apologetics movement? What type of “design” are they talking about? If ID is a Christian apologetics movement, it should not include Moonies or Raelians, for example. The ID movement is a self-identified big tent, which is fine, but instead of “I think this, they think that, and those others think something else, but we can all get along”, it tends to be marketing differently to different audiences instead of being upfront about the variety.

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