Why doesn't God heal amputees/the lame when it is explicitly mentioned in the Bible that he has the capacity to do so?

It certainly will get your attention. One of my old residency attendings always said to look for teachable moments in dealing with people. That would qualify.

you might want to look up Marshall Brains video who made the question “why doesn’t God heal amputees” a popular argument for deconversion.
I am far more impressed when I see those who can walk to pick up their cross and walk and those who have eyesight start to see. Those are the true miracles.

There are probably more amputees who do that and visually impaired that can see better than those having 20/20 vision.

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That’s how brainwashing works.

because we have become too materialistic to see the lame walking as in taking up their cross and move on. There are plenty of them who do and when I look at them I wonder who really needs healing.

So the lame are reconciled to their condition, not lame minded, ‘spiritually’?

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Healing is the state of having mind body harmony. Look at Nick Vujicic and tell me what healing he needs and you might be able to follow my thinking. It was the testimony of my old math teacher that made me aware of the problem when he said to my mother that having turned blind of his diabetes he wished he could have seen things before that he could see now. We think far to materialistic now

Making the best of things is psychologically helpful, yes. Boosted by the hope that everything material is fixed in the transcendent. We won’t be old and crippled and blind in Heaven.

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