Why does our species seem so open to supernatural hype?

Of course He does, through us. If He’s there. And here. We’re all He’s got, which isn’t much is it? When is Christianity going to fix Haiti? I’ve seen the trivial, marginal, tenuous good effects of Christians too. Mine included. Among all the irrelevance and worse. Although there is a grain of mustard seed growing in an Oasis in Waterloo.

That’s not the whole story. You can look at all the work on laying on of hands snd signs of apostleship and see how it worked.

It does not happen even once for anyone.

I rather dislike citing his book, since the author has rather gone off the rails recently, but maybe you should read Eric Metaxes’ Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life.

In your limited experience, one must add.

If someone could do it they would.

That is not an argument except from your finite experience again.

I believe in the supernatural or whatever you wanna call it. Call me what you want ive exlereinced or have heard stories from atheists that even they didnt want to believe. And when a hardcore atheist tells you that they witnessed something supernatural ,yet for some reason still is an atheist then ill believe him no doubt. Some things happen ti certain people that are simply unexplainable by any physical law. Of course everyone is free to say otherwise. Im still waiting to see somethimf supernatural with my own eyes. And i really want to tk be honest

This is not to disagree with anything, but God’s interventions frequently come after faith is present and reaffirm and strengthen it, they are maybe not so often the cause of faith.

Well as soon as y’all find one make sure to get them to do it and stop being so lazy. They need to at least try to do it once a year. Do it before a crowd. Let us get some evidence of it so we can end this debate on the existence of the supernatural.

That was a compelling argument! :slightly_smiling_face: And you don’t believe in the existence of the supernatural. Huh.

It’s fairly compelling to me.

If people said hey I can fly I would say well go do it.

If people said they know someone who can shoot fireballs from their eyes I would say let’s see it.

If there are these magical people walking around for telling the future, raising up the dead, speaking in tongues, being bitter by venomous snakes again and again with no harm and able lay their hands on people snd heal them from diseases that are costing tens of thousands of dollars to manage before dying then let’s see it. Surely outnof them all one of them can do it once before a crowd.

I’m not talking about the charlatans we see here in the States, but I am not going to limit what God does in ‘darker’ regions of the world where neither you nor I have ever been.

And don’t you kind of have to believe in the supernatural if you’re a Christian? God is supernatural.

What’s crazy is that right now between two different groups on Facebook and this forum three similar topics with three similar counter arguments.

  1. In a Bigfoot Encounters group I am asking for any of the dozens of people there who has personally witnessed and heard Bigfoot to show some good evidence. No far away blurry pics, and ect… all I’m being told is that i am refusing evidence and just because I’ve not experienced it does not mean it’s not real. To which I ask for any evidence form any one that’s clear and where can we see one that’s not at a heavily debunked place.

  2. I am in a Appalachian Oldtimey faiths group and I am being told had terrible it is that I don’t believe in magic. How poor my life must be. Had sad my worldview must be. That there Eis scientific proof , they read it in some forgotten possible National Geographic magazine about how the cia was testing and proved magic was real by psychic russian kids , and how if they place a curse on me I’ll know it’s real for sure, snd how I can ask almost anyone and they can tell me of a time someone made their eyes black, or some demon entered through a portal, or how they heard fairies and ect…

  3. Here I keep hearing it’s by half hearted faith, or my lack of seeing it but that there are definitely cases of people being resurrected from the dead, cancer cured at the power of a prayer or fingertips without it being a extended thing helped by medicine treatments snd so on.

It’s simple. What is some actual proof that these things are happening and whose doing it and why is it not turning the world upside down like it did with the apostles.

Ahhh the old world horror trope where these 3rd world people are living among the gods and monsters. The Haitian with his voodoo needles being confronted by the domican priest.

The village boy in the mountains snarling as he breaks chains being subdued by the old woman with her cross.

The cabin deep in the woods where untold horrors are revealed.

Well I’m withdrawing from the discussion. I got what I essentially assumed. People believe in it because they want too. Because they hear stories of people in distant lands who saw it.

Most of the discussion has struck me as kooky and it makes me wonder why so many Christians need for the sacred to be something entirely divorced from reality as we know it. It does seem to leave people open to other kooky beliefs. I believe things which can’t be proven true or false too but none of it requires me to believe the natural world is a counterfeit of what it appears to be.

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You have a lot of red herrings and straw men. Do you have a biblical argument or just prejudice?

Jesus is the wisdom of God. Without Him, you have no wisdom, no insight into who God is and what He is doing. Your getting old and are closer to natural death than you were when you were young. You need to find the Father and the Son, or rather, ask them to find you. From your own confessions you do not know Them or love Them. That is a bad place to be. I have been pleading to God on your behalf.

A biblical argument for what exactly?

A biblical argument for why I don’t believe in people having supernatural experiences? If so, yes I do. Ive mentioned it before. It’s called cessationism. It’s a theological argument. Lots of books kitnrhere

In your own words, concisely? It that possible?

No. I’m not wasting time on it again.

Not even a link, I guess.

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