Why does our species seem so open to supernatural hype?

Sure. But what i was saying is that in other parts of the world (including here) that maybe faith in God is not so strong ,the devil works “miracles”. As ive said ive never encountered any supernatural event in my life but have heard plenty. I just wish i will in the future

Why are humans so prone to believe in supernatural hype?

Cause we’re half nuts

Nice question. On one level, you could argue that the reason we so much “want” some supernatural events is because it is in our psychological DNA to want contact with the divine or the supernatural. This explanation goes back to the Tower of Babel account (i.e., why were they doing it?) and maybe beforehand. We want contact with and assistance from the supernatural — but we also want independence (Garden of Eden pericope). Not an easy tightrope to walk. The best rationale (in a generic sense, without invoking one religion over another) is that we have an uneasy awareness of “needing” something outside our selves and of trying to find it again…As for the “hype” part — that is likely a slightly skeptical term for all of it. Obviously not all claims or gods or visions turn out to be legit.

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