Why couldn't God have made the universe instantaneously?

(RiderOnTheClouds) #122

birds flew ‘upon the face of’ (Al Pene) the ‘plate’.

(Roger A. Sawtelle) #123

The answer to the question, Why couldn’t God have made the universe instantaneously?, is God could have, but the evidence indicates that God did not. John 1:1-3.

(Mrs Heather Ann Taylor-Nicholson) #124

Whilst not wanting to start an argument here, but as a Mormon, that’s not what Sealing is about. If it’s true then it’s a service. If not, well we have one heck of an genealogical archive which all are welcome to share in.

Ok, carry on.

Ps/ I thought the Biologos forum was for discussing Theology and Science, not one to be used to knock the other person’s view and differing practices of Christianity? Could an Admin confirm this?

(Randy) #125

Welcome, @HeatherTN! I’m not sure what the allusion above it to-- but anyway, maybe @gbrooks9 can comment if you addressed it to him.

I look forward to seeing what you have to say about science and faith from your perspective.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #126

Hi, Heather, You’re correct that the site and forum are here to help people see the harmony between science and Christian faith (my way of putting it here, though you can check out the official statements published by Biologos here.)

As to not “knocking other people’s views”, you are also correct that we here at the forum don’t encourage such adversity for its own sake. But realistically people who care about truth and want to promote their best understanding of that cannot always do so without being perceived as stepping on others’ toes who have different understandings. So it can actually be that truth is more like a sword of division at times rather than a snuggly teddy bear. But if people are unnecessarily being jerks in their discussion of said truth, then yes - its our job to step in and help set more gracious tones.

Just a technical note for you … since it isn’t clear what the context for your comment above is, you may want to find the previous post to which you were reacting, highlight the bit of text that got your attention, and then click the grey ‘quote’ box box that pops up. That will open a new post for you (if you aren’t already composing one) and will insert the quoted material for you so that people can see the context for your response.

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@Randy and @HeatherTN

Ive spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out which posting trigger Heather’s comments.

Heather, can you point me?

If you had used the “Quote Wizard” to quote even one word… i would have been able to have responded by now.

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Search is your friend.

(Christy Hemphill) #129

It is ideally a place for discussing theology and science regardless of what religious tradition one comes from, and people have been warned in the past about bringing up their anti-LDS sentiments into discussions. Moderators don’t always carefully read every post (especially when threads get long and rambling), so things slip by. Feel free to continue pointing out anything you feel is an unfair characterization.

(George Brooks) #130


Hmmm… I wrote this (with a thank you nod to @Jay313 for finding it!):

I don’t believe I was knocking anybody. Was there something about what I said that I should be aware upsets Mormons?

Yours, George (Unitarian Universalist, the Other Controversial Brand)