Who were the people that came into Europe about 5000 years ago?

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Genetic studies by Reich / Krause have shown a large genetic flow from Eurasian steppe into Europe. Who were these people and what happened? What technology did they bring and what were their religious beliefs? What caused this migration or invasion?

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Can you provide a little more information in your starting post? What papers are you referring to specifically? Here is a list of publications by Reich:

But out of his papers, what conclusions did the papers draw? Did they propose any hypothesis? Who is citing these studies on ancient genomics? Maybe someone has written a book outlining major hypothesis citing work by Reich and others? Do you know? Do you have any hypothesis on these topics and have evidence to support them?

These Eurpedia forums (I have no idea what they say and have never heard of them before) seem to discuss some ideas:

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Thank you Matthew. This is a bit confusing and controversial for various reasons as human history often is.

What I am getting at here is that genetic evidence points to two migrations into europe one about 9000 years ago of a group of what were neolithic farmers from anatolia and then another migration of mostly males about 5000 years ago into europe from the eurasian steppe region. Also we see possible flow of eurasian population flow into northern India around 3500 years ago correlated with the Vedic description of the Aryans coming into India and mixing with the Dravidian population influencing their culture. I am trying to understand this genetic flow in the context of the competing two indo european hypothesis, the Kurgan and the anatololian hypothesis for the spread of these related languages over europe and India.


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And this animated map is just going to make it even more confusing !!!

This is an animated page on the Yamna Culture

Splendid animation … I’m not sure how seriously I should take it though …

Wiki-based animation on the Yamna Culture (Proto-proto I/E)

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Thanks George. So my question is how did this y male influx from a Eurasian line occur about 4500 years ago into Europe with the maternal lines staying the same. Was there an invasion? Who were they?

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I’m still looking for the concise treatment of this 90% male intrusion!

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Johannes Krause is the lead on this.


My take on this is Europe 10 k years ago is occupied by hippie hunter gatherers, 7-9 k years ago communal Neolithic family farmers migrate into Europe and Mediterranean from the Levant/ Anatolia due to climate change then around 5000 years ago hot rodding warlike horseman come into Europe again due to climate changes and wipeout the resident males and take wives establishing a more feudal tribal society.